Your Gut Knows Whats’s Up.

Hello My Gorgeous FitFam!

Last blog I talked to you about Your Intuition and how that should (ideally) guide you in creating balance in your health and lifestyle, this week lets delve deeper.

When facing a difficult decision often we talk about a “gut feeling”, we’re told to “trust our gut instinct”. Well there is more truth and depth to that than you may think……
Gut Feelings come from our “Second Brain” in Our Gastrointestinal Systems.I know right? Wow. *Mind blown.This is a primal and already established connection between our brain and our gut.

This mind-gut connection is not just metaphorical. Our brain and gut are connected by an extensive network of neurons and a highway of chemicals and hormones that constantly provide feedback about how hungry we are, whether or not we’re experiencing stress, or if we’ve ingested a disease-causing microbe.

This information superhighway is called the brain-gut axis and it provides constant updates on the state of affairs at your two ends.

That sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach after looking at your post-holiday credit card bill is a vivid example of the brain-gut connection at work. You’re stressed and your gut knows it—immediately.

I bet you’re wondering why I’m telling you this, aren’t you? Because, so often I meet clients that are trying their darn hardest to achieve their goals and it is not working for them. As a Biosignature Practitioner, my main goal is to work with your imbalances and put a plan together to correct them, gut flora imbalances are in need of some tender, love and care in EVERYONE that walks into my office.

Therefore, by supporting your gut flora, you improve your weight, your mood and your overall health. It really is essential and the foundation of your goals.

When working with me, this is my main focus – simply because it is impossible to get a person lean (or leaner) and healthy (or healthier) when their gut flora and gut integrity is diminished or compromised.

Correcting gut flora is my specialty; I know I know, geek alert. How I help my clients fix their gut flora is:

  • Assessing the repetitive factors that are contributing to the issue.
  • Instilling permanent lifestyle changes
  • I look at what the underlying issue is, and then I look a little deeper.
  • I fix the clients health first, and then the hot bod will follow.

This ensures that your body becomes a healthy, happy, fat burning machine and losing weight doesn’t become a full time job and uphill struggle – exhausting with void results.

If you would like to book in a Biosignature Consultation or my online consulting program, to work through any gut flora issues you have, or have any questions, just simply hit reply on this email lets chat!

Pen xxx