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Working out more and eating less is not the answer. But how do you achieve results any other way?

TRUTH: Fat loss isn’t about restriction and self-control.  It’s about your hormones: how what you eat affects your hormones and how your hormones impact your happiness, health and weight.

You wouldn’t be the first person to feel utterly confused, discouraged and exhausted from trying to keep up with fads, follow unrealistic regimens and depriving diets. And while you don’t need to have a diagnosed or dramatic “hormonal problem” if you’re a woman, chances are unbalanced hormones are the real reason behind your struggles.

Chances are you’re:

Eating too little or training too much?

Conned into following the food pyramid, but feeling sicker than ever?

Battling with gut flora issues?

Struggling to lose weight, despite less food and more exercise?

Dealing with elevated cortisol levels (stress hormones)?

Enter Penny Lomas and The Hormone Connection. Having seen so many private clients struggling with doing the “right things” yet getting sick, Penny decided enough was enough. It was time to fight the misleading, flat-out incorrect information causing thousands of people so much frustration.


“There comes a point in a Personal Trainer’s life, where she either stays with the pack, or breaks free, break the rules and stops believing the bull. The truth lies in the hormone connection. I’m here to share that what you eat affects your hormones, and your hormones are responsible for you feeling happy, looking hot and loving life. It’s that simple. The Hormone Connection is the book I had to write. It’s my absolute responsibility to share the exact principles (and delicious meals) to educate your instinctual return to health and happiness.”

THE HORMONE CONNECTION is a cookbook that teaches you how to eat, one deliciously satisfying meal at a time.  This easy-to-follow recipe collection by Australian Personal Trainer, Bio-signature Modulation Practitioner and TV chef, Penny Lomas, provides you with all the hormone hints and hacks behind 89 delicious, metabolism-boosting recipes, and includes the 6 lifestyle steps to seal the fat-loss deal. The Hormone Connection is for those fed-up with following the wrong eating advice that screws with their hormones. Real woman weren’t designed to dine on carrot sticks alone and you’ll be surprised how much fat you can now enjoy at every single meal, while looking and feeling your best. (Yummo!)

Inside this cookbook you’ll discover:

✔ The right way to feed YOUR happiest, healthiest, leanest self (not that ridiculously unsustainable illusion).

✔ Exactly what a hormonally balanced meal looks like (with 89 mouth-watering examples).

✔ The real reasons behind why you can’t lose fat in those annoyingly stubborn places.

✔ The 6 lifestyle factors that harness your hormones to lose fat and live well.

✔ How to eat for a sharp, focused mind and naturally high energy.


PRAISE for The Hormone Connection

“The Hormone Connection helped me lose the stubborn fat pockets around my midsection and thighs and rebalance my health, I now feel lighter and leaner, and my mood and energy is better than ever!”

– Jessica

“Penny’s recipes are easy to follow and I don’t feel like I’m missing out. Penny taught me about eating the right foods at the right time…I still get to eat pancakes and chocolate!”

– Sophie

“Penny set me on a completely new path in life. No one else had pointed out the importance of reducing our exposure to chemicals in our water and the damage gluten and some grains can do to our digestion. Penny Lomas, you changed my life the day I met you and for that I will always be grateful!”

– Emily

“Penny and The Hormone Connection allowed me to stop over-training and under-eating. Finally I can maintain my happy weight and it’s effortless!”

– Maddie

Ready to unlock the true metabolism-boosting secrets behind feeling happy, looking hot, and discover what so many of Penny’s private clients have experienced?

Girl, it’s time to eat the way you’re meant to…

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