Paleo Chilli Con Carne


Chilli con carne is one of my all time favourite childhood meals. Back in the day, PPCE (Penny pre clean eating) I used to add ketchup and stock cubes laced with MSG and sugar, i knew no better, don’t judge me.

Nowadays I have a yummy version that is even diet friendly if you are trying to lean up for an event and its definitely a winter warmer. The Paleo diet is void of legumes and grains, so I have replaced the rice with cauliflower rice and the traditional kidney beans are simply replaced by packing it chock full with veggies. The use of cauli rice makes it low carb and high in fibre, and the meat and coconut oil make it a macro balanced power packed meal.




Makes: 3-4 Serves


500G Organic lean beef mince

1 jar of passata sauce (Italian tomato sauce)

2 long stems of celery, sliced

1 brown onion, diced

1 carrot, grated

1 tsp minced garlic

1/2 tsp of chilli paste

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp smoked paprika

1 avocado, smashed

1 cauliflower floret

1 tbsp coconut oil

salt and pepper



  • Heat coconut oil in a medium size frying pan on high heat.
  • Add diced onion, and cook until browning.
  • Add mince meat.
  • Add all herbs and spices.
  • Add celery and carrot.
  • Add passata sauce and bring the heat down to low.
  • Let the chilli simmer whilst you make the cauli rice.
  • Cut cauliflower into pieces, small enough to fit in a food processor shoot.
  • Put cauliflower pieces into a food processor on coarse grater setting and “rice” the cauliflower.
  • Add the cauliflower to a separate fry pan to heat or alternatively a steamer, or the last and lazy option is to zap it in the microwave.
  • Serve the chilli over the cauli rice with a dollop of smashed avo.


Homemade Seed Butter


This recipe, although I’m hesitant to call it a ‘recipe’ as there really are no rules or measurements here, lets just call in wingit butter.


For this butter I used:

Sesame seeds, they have a strong flavour so if you don’t like sesame seeds, omit.

Flaxseeds, quite grainy, and also go rancid very quickly when ground and left out of the fridge, so unless you are using the freshest and plan on eating the jar of butter quite quickly, then omit.

Pumpkin seeds

Sunflower seeds

Chia seeds

Olive oil

Use whatever measurements you like, and you can also add in nuts to make it a thicker nut butter, but for my version I was making a nut free butter.

Add all ingredients into the food processor and blast until resembling a butter consistency, around 15-20mins.

Store in a airtight jar or container in the fridge. Use in moderation, 1tsp to 1tblsp per serve.


Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes



I am not really a pancake girl, I am a steak and nuts breakfast fan, but sometimes a saturday morning calls for a treat breakfast. These pancakes are as clean as clean pancakes can be, so according to taste you may want to add toppings of your choice. My favourite is just a knob of organic butter on top, but if your feeling like a carb hit throw on some berries, coconut butter, raw honey or yoghurt, they also go well with bacon.

Serves 1


100g cooked pumpkin

1whole egg

5 egg whites

1tbsp coconut flour

1/8 tsp natural baking soda

Cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla bean powder, stevia to taste.


Blend all ingredients with a stick blender. Heat a little coconut oil in a fry pan and cook the pancakes/pikelets in batches. Careful when flipping as they are quite “loose” pancakes.

Stack the pancakes as high as you can and enjoy!

How To Make Your Own Coconut Butter


Coconut is a great addition to any diet and is a staple in my kitchen. I use coconut flour in baking, coconut oil for frying and dried coconut and coconut butter for all things yummy.

Here is my step by step guide to your very own homemade Coconut butter.

All you need is a good quality food processor or a vitamix, and 400g of shredded coconut.

Make sure you buy natural, unsweetened coconut. Do not use dessicated or fresh coconut

Step 1

Add 400g of shredded coconut to food processor.


Step 2

Turn food processor onto high setting and start to blend coconut.


Step 3

Continue to blend. Stopping periodically to scoop excess from the sides.

The coconut will go through a couple of stages, firstly finely chopped, then the oil will start to extract, then eventually it will be smoother.


Step 4

Blend on high for 15-20minutes. This will take less if you have a vitamix or other high powered blender. Trust me when I say 15-20, as around 10 it will start to resemble a smooth texture but the coconut will still be gritty. If you want chocolate coconut butter now would be a great time to add in 1/2-3/4 cup of raw cacao powder.

Blend until smooth, a little taste test here wouldn’t go astray.


Step 5

Pour coconut butter into a medium size jar and lid. Let cool at room temperature and store in the pantry, no need to chill in the fridge. It will keep for ages.



You can eat it straight off a spoon out of the jar, add it to your long black coffee, spread on cakes and muffins or add to baking.