Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes



I am not really a pancake girl, I am a steak and nuts breakfast fan, but sometimes a saturday morning calls for a treat breakfast. These pancakes are as clean as clean pancakes can be, so according to taste you may want to add toppings of your choice. My favourite is just a knob of organic butter on top, but if your feeling like a carb hit throw on some berries, coconut butter, raw honey or yoghurt, they also go well with bacon.

Serves 1


100g cooked pumpkin

1whole egg

5 egg whites

1tbsp coconut flour

1/8 tsp natural baking soda

Cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla bean powder, stevia to taste.


Blend all ingredients with a stick blender. Heat a little coconut oil in a fry pan and cook the pancakes/pikelets in batches. Careful when flipping as they are quite “loose” pancakes.

Stack the pancakes as high as you can and enjoy!