Real Women Eat Carbs

Last year I had a dream.  I dreamt that women all over the nation would be fearless, fearless of carbs. I dreamt that women would delve into a bowl of rice and know that they are allowed to, that they can do so without counting the calories and macros in it and the most important part of this dream? That it was actually making them leaner, healthier, stronger and happier. That they no longer had to restrict their carbs constantly to maintain their weight.

How did this dream come about? I was in a PT session with a new client a couple of years ago and I told her to eat sweet potato and cottage cheese before bed, she nearly fell over “You want me to eat carbs before bed?”, this comment and many others “How many carbs are in carrots?”, “I had a cheat meal the other day, I had 3 rice-cakes”, “yeah but there’s a lot of carbs in honey right?”

Women all over the nation are obsessed with carbs being evil.

Enough already.

You know what is evil?

Mixing carbs and fats together.

The type of processed carbs you are eating.

The quantity of carbs you are eating.

And, when you are eating your carbs.

All of the above throws your insulin out of whack. Insulin out of control and mismanaged means fat gain around your midsection. I like my muffin top on my muffins, not on my hips thank you.

That’s why I wrote my book The Hormone Connection.

I was sick of the unsustainable low carb diets. The type of misleading information out there has simply scared the slightly carb conscious into full-blown phobias.

I don’t know about you, but sure I can lose a little weight on a low carb diet, but can I keep it off? Can I enjoy life? And can I maintain my sanity? Hell No!

Carbs are the yummies: fruits, breads, pastas, rice, quinoa, potato, yoghurt, just to name a few. In The Hormone Connection I lay it out, no BS, I’m telling you ladies to go forth and eat your carbs and freaking enjoy them, but I’ll tell you what type to have and when, and lets get your insulin and glucose management under control first.

(Hormone Hint: Insulin is a fat storage hormone, so getting it working for you instead of against you is key, it actually has the potential to be a secret weapon in fat burning! And I can teach you how!)

Over and Out (Currently eating my homemade Bircher bowl, guilt free)

Pen xxx