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    You’ve landed onto the website of Penny Lomas, so here is a little copy about the content of her life, consisting of wellness, … read more

Can I Eat Pizza, Lose Weight AND Be Healthy?

I eat pizza, I drink red wine (and the occasional espresso martinis) I love burgers, I love croissants, I’m a sucker for hot chips, and last weekend I smashed  hot cross buns.   What! But Penny, I thought you were all about the clean food?   “Pfft” (insert eye roll)   Let me ask you, can you eat clean foods, for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? That’s gunna be one lonnnnnng boring life if you ask me.   “How can you follow The Hormone Connection method … read more >>

Real Women Eat Carbs

Last year I had a dream.  I dreamt that women all over the nation would be fearless, fearless of carbs. I dreamt that women would delve into a bowl of rice and know that they are allowed to, that they can do so without counting the calories and macros in it and the most important part of this dream? That it was actually making them leaner, healthier, stronger and happier. That they no longer had to restrict their carbs constantly to maintain their weight. How did this dream come about? I … read more >>

If I Can Do It, So Can You!

  You’ve got over your new year blues and you’ve got out of your own head….so you’re ready for some serious motivation to back that up yes?   Straight off the bat let me introduce Penny.                                   Yeah that’s me, back many years ago.   A little chubby and a lot unhealthy.   I was … read more >>

Get Out of Your Own Head!

That’s right. Get out of your own head! No messing around this week. Let’s get straight into it. Why are you being so resistant? Last week we were stuck in a rut and not sure how to progress, procrastinating and even worse, tempted to not even start your health and fitness journey due to sheer New Year blues. I know how you feel. Stuck up all in your thoughts. Doing your head in, I’ve been there. This week I want to draw on my own personal experience of how I’ve got … read more >>

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