If I Can Do It, So Can You!


You’ve got over your new year blues and you’ve got out of your own head….so you’re ready for some serious motivation to back that up yes?


Straight off the bat let me introduce Penny.



















Yeah that’s me, back many years ago.


A little chubby and a lot unhealthy.


I was seriously unfit, and had no idea of how to eat properly.


I want to share this with you this week because a common misconception is that personal trainers and fitness models are ALREADY in shape or that we are blessed with superhero fat melting genes. Not always the case.


I want to tell you a secret……….I only got in shape AFTER I became a personal trainer, and I only maintained it, tweeked it and STAYED in shape effortlessly AFTER I became “The Hormone Whisperer” (I named myself that, not quite sure it people are taking it on and running with it yet J Maybe I should start a annoying hashtag)


I learnt heaps and studied my arse off.  I qualified in all things fitness, hormones, metabolism and nutrition over 7 years of industry experience. THEN, and only then, did I put it in place on myself, who is better to be a guinea pig than me! I lost around 25kilos. I put in place the appropriate supplements and nutrition through my Biosignature Modulation Practitioner expertise and I trained like a boss. I lost the weight and I’ve kept it off all these years. And guess what, its now easy. It’s not a diet and I believed I could do it, just like I believe you can do it! I learnt how to eat for hormonal health and strengthen my metabolism.


I don’t ever want you to feel disheartened. To see pictures of fit people and curl back up into your ball of doubt. We have all come from somewhere! We have all started somewhere. And if I can do it, SO CAN YOU!