Finding Balance Post Comp

So last week I opened up the comp file and let you in on my journey. If you missed last weeks post, here it is just in case you need to catch up.

As promised, this week I’m taking you through my journey post rebound and how I restored health and most importantly that ever elusive “balance” we are all in awe of.

When you compete, some of us believe this is the hardest journey, months and months of preparation, planning and hard work.

After I competed, the real hard work began. I had, in epic proportions, caused extensive damage to my metabolism, hormones, adrenals, gut flora, sleep pattern and overall inner health. I bet you are all wondering how and why? I won’t delve into too much detail, but let’s just say I didn’t have good influences around me back then, it was 7 years ago, I was young, stupid, new to the industry and naively followed the advice of unexperienced coaches.

Ok moving on. You are all eagerly awaiting my secrets to achieving greater health after Yoyo dieting aren’t you? Well, most of these are elaborated in my health, lifestyle and cookbook The Hormone Connection. But today I am going to take you through MY journey.

A Turning Point

When you realise that your body has shut down, it is a low point in your life. You feel hopeless, you feel alone, and you feel like you are back at square one, plus some extra misery for good measure. The first step in this process is acceptance. I had to accept the damage, self inflicted, misguided, whatever and whoever has pushed you to this point, I still had to take full responsibility for me, myself and my health. Once I gained control and accountability, that’s when I could apply the same drive I had for competition to another cause, a greater cause, healing myself.

Let me paint a picture of how unwell I was. My pituitary gland had shut down. It was like “Really? Really Penny? You want me to do what? You think you can just run me into the ground, deprive me of calories, overtrain, sleep less and be an overall mental mess and then you want me to come to the party? Forget it, I checked out a long time ago, you’re on your own!”

I had been told that I needed synthetic prescription hormones to kickstart my own. Baloney! Sure maybe for others, and they definitely have their place. But I didn’t believe it. Ironically enough, in today’s world we have so many practitioners around us, so much information available, yet still we feel lost, uneducated and alone. I receive so many emails and messages from people saying they have been trying to find help for years and haven’t found the information or the person they need. And nowadays I just LOVE being the sole practitioner for my clients, I never want them to feel alone or have unanswered questions.

So I stepped up, I wanted to take full responsibility for my journey. I studied and studied and certified as a Biosignature Modulation Practitioner, I trained with Charles Poliquin and Dr James Lavelle. I did further study and specialised in gut health, liver health and adrenal management, I also delved into exercise prescription for hormone profiles and lifestyle and supplementation. I initially did this purely to fix myself, not knowing then that it would be my ultimate dream job now! I did seminars, lectures, online webinars, I remember setting my alarm for crazy nocturnal hours to attend webinars and online courses overseas.

I used everything I had learnt and applied it to myself. I ran myself through a gut rebuild, a liver cleanse, a estrogen cleanse, a candida cleanse, trained according to my hormone profile and had the treatments I needed, like Osteo, dry needles, kinesiology, massage, lymph drain, and of-course relaxation and rest.

What was the biggest thing I did? The one thing with the most impact? I stopped giving a crap about the way I look. Don’t doubt this, this is powerful stuff. Why did I get myself in that position in the first place? Why did you? Because we were focused on our bodies and we pushed them too far. My body needed time, it needed to just “be”. It needed time for my hormones to rebalance, for all the work I was doing to heal it to actually kick in and be effective.

You cannot restore health and hormonal balance when you are constantly striving to be shredded and function at a high level.

The elusive balance that we are all striving for I believe looks likes this … we are happy, we are healthy, we look and feel amazing, and we are able to contribute to every aspect of our life equally.

When I did all of this, I found it, I eventually saw my body fat float down again, I saw all my bloodwork and hormones return to not normal levels, but excellent levels, my doctor even asked me for my supplement protocol because she had never before seen it been done without the use of pharmaceutical intervention.  I felt and looked the best I had in years, and I’ve maintained it ever since.

Next week I will be going even deeper and chatting to you about how powerful food is as medicine or poison.