“My Hormones Balanced Out And I Started To Feel Fantastic Again!”


Today I’m sharing a personal story from the beautiful Evie Baron, who I’ve been working with for a few years. Evie has been a pleasure to work with and her personal growth within her health and fitness journey has been warming to my very core! Watching her practise what I preach is thanks enough. I’m so proud of her for bravely sharing her story with us. Thanks Evie! 

“I had the pleasure of meeting Penny shortly after the birth of my second baby. I had put on a little more weight than the first time around and was feeling heavy and tired but motivated to get myself back on track. Within the first session I knew she was a great fit for me, as rather than focusing on weight loss like most trainers tend to,  her program was based on wellness and healing my body with nutrient dense whole foods and appropriate training for recovery after another pregnancy. Prior to having children I never really struggled with weight but Penny explained the role hormones played in weight gain and the importance of obtaining a balance through appropriate nutrition and she put me onto a path to wellness that I will always be grateful for.


With each training session I was learning so much about the healing power of wholefoods and how combined with the right training I could start feeling vibrant, healthy and strong again and as a mum of two under two at the time, my energy levels needed to be up there! Very quickly I saw results, especially around my mid section, which after two pregnancies, was were I was storing most of my excess weight. In addition, my hormones started to balance out and I was feeling fantastic again! From there i was inspired to read as much as I could about health, fitness and in general becoming the best version of myself. Penny has always emphasised the importance of finding what works for the individual in terms of nutrition and training rather than adhering to the ‘one size fits all’ theory of health and fitness, which I absolutely love! And through my sessions with her, eating clean whole foods and regular training has now become a lifestyle for me and my family rather than just a program to use for the sole purpose of weight loss. It has also been something I have carried throughout my third pregnancy, and even though my training capabilities were limited due to a few pregnancy related issues, i focused on my nutrition and found it made a huge difference and enabled me to bounce back as soon as I got the ok from my doctor.


I continued to see Penny after the birth of my third child and even though I felt like I had come a long way in my health journey, every session continued to be informative and empowering. I have learnt an incredible amount from Penny and I feel very blessed to have met her as she has completely changed the way I think about nutrition and exercise. It is no longer something I struggle with, it has now become ingrained in everything I do and has enabled me to become a stronger, happier and more energetic version of myself. I have a copy of Penny’s book The Hormone Connection, and it has become a bible of sorts, everything I have learnt from Penny over the years in one place. I often open it up and am reminded of something Penny said along the way. It hasn’t always been easy, especially with three little ones and not a lot of sleep, sometimes training has felt like an impossible task and just grabbing the most convenient meal has been the easiest option.  With some previous trainers, I felt that they had a ‘no cheating’ mentality where as Penny seemed to understand that in reality we can not be perfect 100% of the time and that it is ok, as long as we get back on track and keep pushing forward. I feel like this has been a game changer for me as I now accept those days rather than carry around the guilt that I used to associate it with and I don’t let it sabotage my progress. I also try to earn my treats such as a glass of wine (or two) rather than feeling guilty and needing to burn off the calories. So thank you Penny, for passing on this invaluable knowledge and being so passionate about what you do and cheers to you!”

~ Evie Baron


If I Can Do It, So Can You!


You’ve got over your new year blues and you’ve got out of your own head….so you’re ready for some serious motivation to back that up yes?


Straight off the bat let me introduce Penny.



















Yeah that’s me, back many years ago.


A little chubby and a lot unhealthy.


I was seriously unfit, and had no idea of how to eat properly.


I want to share this with you this week because a common misconception is that personal trainers and fitness models are ALREADY in shape or that we are blessed with superhero fat melting genes. Not always the case.


I want to tell you a secret……….I only got in shape AFTER I became a personal trainer, and I only maintained it, tweeked it and STAYED in shape effortlessly AFTER I became “The Hormone Whisperer” (I named myself that, not quite sure it people are taking it on and running with it yet J Maybe I should start a annoying hashtag)


I learnt heaps and studied my arse off.  I qualified in all things fitness, hormones, metabolism and nutrition over 7 years of industry experience. THEN, and only then, did I put it in place on myself, who is better to be a guinea pig than me! I lost around 25kilos. I put in place the appropriate supplements and nutrition through my Biosignature Modulation Practitioner expertise and I trained like a boss. I lost the weight and I’ve kept it off all these years. And guess what, its now easy. It’s not a diet and I believed I could do it, just like I believe you can do it! I learnt how to eat for hormonal health and strengthen my metabolism.


I don’t ever want you to feel disheartened. To see pictures of fit people and curl back up into your ball of doubt. We have all come from somewhere! We have all started somewhere. And if I can do it, SO CAN YOU!




Success Story – Emily Coupar

Emily Before
Emily Before

Emily Before

Over 3 years ago I was reading Oxygen Magazine when I stumbled across an article by a beautiful woman by the name of Penny Lomas.

The article was all about biosignature and how it could benefit those who were at a plateau with their training.  Something in this article really resonated with me and after finding Penny on the internet, I was super excited to learn that I could actually see her personally for both biosignature assessment and personal training.

It was with great trepidation I walked thorough those doors at Fitness First in South Yarra, where Penny works. I learnt more in 60 minutes with Penny than I ever knew possible; she set me on a completely new path in life.

No one else had pointed out the importance of sleep on training, the importance of reducing our exposure to chemicals in our water, our food and our skincare, the damage gluten and some grains can do to our digestion and systemically.

To be honest I was training 7 days a week, sometimes 2 hours a day, and I was eating all the right foods  -( yeah right), no fat yoghurt, salads, low fat cheese and low fat cereals, why was I inflamed, overweight and unhappy?

It was Penny who encouraged me to incorporate rest days, to eat a variety of unprocessed real food! She sent me on the Paleo pathway and down an enormous rabbit warren, one that I am still navigating!

Emily After

Emily After

Penny incorporated her knowledge and The Hormone Connection foundation and I now live by them daily for managed weight loss and a balanced lifestyle.

My hormones and health are the best they’ve ever been!

Penny gives me a new training program every 6 weeks, they are never boring, always challenging but never unachievable, and my strength, flexibly and passion improve every day with Penny’s guidance. Penny is more than a personal trainer; she is a mentor, spiritual guide, friend and confidant.

Penny Lomas you changed my life the day I met you and for that I will always be grateful!!

Success Story – Sonja


I am a busy individual who works as a secondary school teacher, at a school that specializes in the care of  ‘at risk’ and vulnerable youth.  I am also a group fitness instructor and on top of all that, I run my own business, Healthy and Healed, where I am a Practitioner in the modalities of Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Reimprinting and NLP.   Due to all of this I had become run down, couldn’t sleep, was carrying excess weight in areas that it wouldn’t budge; and considered myself ‘overweight’.  Yet despite all my training and what I thought I was doing right in regards to nutrition the weight wouldn’t budge and I felt burned out.

The success of another friend of mine, after having training with Penny, that lead her to do a photo shoot, lead me to enlist Penny’s services.  I recall sitting in Penny’s office at my first session with her and bursting into tears because, in all honesty, I had hit the lowest point in my life in a long time.  I was lacking self-belief, confidence in my body and a general sense of not being good enough.  Piece by piece through Penny’s exceptional knowledge we worked through my food issues, my poor nutrition choices, and, before long all the angst was slowly unraveling.  The thing I had to do though, was let go of whatI knew, and start again.  At times I would scoff at Penny’s advice and thought that what she was telling me to do in regards to my training and nutrition were ludicrous.  But I trusted her put complete faith in her skills.  And I am so glad I did.  Life is so much different now than it was 18 months ago.

Without boring you with all the jargon, Penny’s knowledge is second to none when it comes to Balancing hormones (if they’re not balanced, the rest is fruitless), Nutritional guidelines and training techniques.  With the amount of unskilled PTs being pushed into the industry, it is hard to find one that really knows her stuff.   Yet Penny is one of those people who truly knows her stuff.  Penny is not just a PT, she is a rare gem in the Fitness Industry.  You do not only get someone who can write you a program, but someone, through her knowledge of Bio-signature testing and Poliquin training principles and overall mindset for health, give you a very targeted program, that if YOU commit to following, will get you the results you want.

She has without a doubt helped me get my head right around nutrition, provided me with so much new knowledge and understanding about the impact of hormones on health and wellbeing.  I cannot sing her praises enough.  If you want real results and a holistic approach to your training, then Penny is hands down the person you need to see.

Thanks ever so much Penny for giving me back my confidence and helping me to truly love who I am!!!  Oh, and of course for teaching me that the right Carbohydrates are ok!!!

Sonja Courtis

Healthy and Healed



Success Story – Adele


After attending the seminar I decided to set myself a few goals to get in the best shape possible for my up and coming 35th birthday which I was heading to Las Vegas for. I wanted to have a fit and healthy body to flaunt at the pool party’s. I also had the seed planted to set a goal to do a photo shoot. I set about my mission with firstly giving up drinking and cleaning up my diet. With my regular resistance weight training sessions and healthy life style I noticed a big change. June soon came around and I was in much better shape but still I was unhappy on the inside. No matter how many people told me I had a great body I was still unhappy on the inside and obsessed with my cellulite.

My holiday in America with my best friend was amazing and we had a lot of special moments together. But like after most holidays I found I had lost my motivation for training and the rest of 2011 seemed to just slip by. I also did not succeed in doing a fitness photo shoot I had set in my goals.

I continued to read a lot of blogs and research fitness nutrition and cellulite reduction. I had read articles by Charles Poliquin and was intrigued about his Bio Signature testing, so I booked myself in to have a consultation with another amazing fitness inspiration Penny Lomas. Penny is an amazing trainer who really focuses on the mind/body connection. Penny made me realize that until I was truly happy within myself and loved myself for who I was I would never rid my legs of cellulite.

I started following a more structured paleo based diet and had weekly training sessions with Penny. I also started my own journal where I focused on gratitude and positive thinking. During this time I went to Hawaii on holiday and stumbled across an amazing psychic who really set me on the right path. After doing 10 days of crystal energy healing I came home with a much calmer mind and better sense of self love.

In July I had another Bio Signature session with Penny and decided I wanted to train towards the goal of doing a photo shoot before the end of the year. I was seeing her once a week and following a weight training program she had set for me. Slowly and surely my body was starting to take shape. With a clean eating diet and focused mindset I really started to notice a difference in my body and my self confidence was growing.

I decided to book in a shoot for the beginning of December. I spent 6wks really focusing on training and nutrition. The day of the photo shoot was a mix of emotions I had never experienced. I was nervous, excited and grateful all rolled in to one. I was so out of my comfort zone but I was feeling so proud. Stepping in front of the camera for the first time I felt surprisingly comfortable. Seeing my best friend shed a tear when she saw the first shots that were taken made me realize I was a very lucky girl that I had managed to turn my life around. I was very lucky I had these amazing role models to help me on my journey of self discovery.

The shoot was fun, exciting and extremely rewarding. I got some amazing shots and feel very blessed that I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave it a go.

Anything is possible if you have the desire, determination and drive! There are so many amazing people out there that are willing to help so seek out the right advise and truly believe in yourself. Surround yourself with beautiful loving like minded people who believe in your dream and anything is possible. Thank you to Belinda Benn, Justine Switalla, Penny Lomas, my best friend Sonja Courtis and all the other amazing friends and family in my life for your on going love and support on my journey.

Adelle xoxo