Being A Woman Is Hard Enough

Let’s be honest shall we, life is hard.

After a chat to a client last week, we were discussing (and shaming) how hard it is to keep up this facade we have. This empowered, well-groomed, toned, “got our shit together “ sisterhood thing we do.

We were discussing the exhaustion of  “list ticking”. Yes I know you write lists of everything you need to do, we’re all friends here, “Hello my name is Penny Lomas and I am a serial list writer too”.

Sometimes even writing the list stresses me out! Hello Cortisol!

Get up early and do a workout, eat a healthy breakfast, pick up the dry cleaning, be a boss lady at work, wear something gorgeous, be a perfect girlf/wife/rock being single, have a green smoothie, get my legs waxed, see my friends after work for a drink, make dinner, do the laundry. Make sure I get 7-9hrs of perfect sleep. Wakeup. And do it all again.

It’s exhausting.

And, how do we know we are doing it correctly?

Are we getting all the super-foods we need in that green smoothie?

Are we doing the right workout routine?

Are we doing enough yoga to wind down from the stressful lives?

Are we living life correctly? The pressure is real.

I’ll be honest, sometimes don’t you just want to wear your trackies to work, have a cry for no reason, leave your eyebrows to grow into a uni-brow and say to hell with maintaining your perfect little life?

We can’t all be Beyoncé: having an awesome butt, running our empire (business or household), never crumbling, keeping it together, and guess what? We try to look flawless all at the same time.

My client told me she had signed up to do yoga and hadn’t been once yet, she was stressed about not going to the yoga class timetable.

I told her that she had added yet another commitment to her life, and that she would inevitably beat herself up with because she didn’t attend.

My client was telling me she was EXHAUSTED with being a woman. She was tired of keeping all your appointments and trying to overachieve in every aspect of her life. And oh my god did I hear her. Amen sister!

Unfortunately, our bodies, and namely our hormones don’t always cooperate. Making life a little harder, and coping with our every day lives becomes an epic mission.

Understanding our hormones is an absolute GAME CHANGER. So I’m asking you to make things a little easier, knock one thing off the list that shouldn’t be a drama: Your hormones and nutrition.

And remember, its mothers day next weekend. So why not buy your mummabear the gift of freedom, freedom from yet one more thing we are supposed to have under control: Your body.

The Hormone Connection is not just for your amazing mums, please feel free to forward this email to the important women in your life who might benefit from learning how female hormones play a major role in health.

“My Hormones Balanced Out And I Started To Feel Fantastic Again!”


Today I’m sharing a personal story from the beautiful Evie Baron, who I’ve been working with for a few years. Evie has been a pleasure to work with and her personal growth within her health and fitness journey has been warming to my very core! Watching her practise what I preach is thanks enough. I’m so proud of her for bravely sharing her story with us. Thanks Evie! 

“I had the pleasure of meeting Penny shortly after the birth of my second baby. I had put on a little more weight than the first time around and was feeling heavy and tired but motivated to get myself back on track. Within the first session I knew she was a great fit for me, as rather than focusing on weight loss like most trainers tend to,  her program was based on wellness and healing my body with nutrient dense whole foods and appropriate training for recovery after another pregnancy. Prior to having children I never really struggled with weight but Penny explained the role hormones played in weight gain and the importance of obtaining a balance through appropriate nutrition and she put me onto a path to wellness that I will always be grateful for.


With each training session I was learning so much about the healing power of wholefoods and how combined with the right training I could start feeling vibrant, healthy and strong again and as a mum of two under two at the time, my energy levels needed to be up there! Very quickly I saw results, especially around my mid section, which after two pregnancies, was were I was storing most of my excess weight. In addition, my hormones started to balance out and I was feeling fantastic again! From there i was inspired to read as much as I could about health, fitness and in general becoming the best version of myself. Penny has always emphasised the importance of finding what works for the individual in terms of nutrition and training rather than adhering to the ‘one size fits all’ theory of health and fitness, which I absolutely love! And through my sessions with her, eating clean whole foods and regular training has now become a lifestyle for me and my family rather than just a program to use for the sole purpose of weight loss. It has also been something I have carried throughout my third pregnancy, and even though my training capabilities were limited due to a few pregnancy related issues, i focused on my nutrition and found it made a huge difference and enabled me to bounce back as soon as I got the ok from my doctor.


I continued to see Penny after the birth of my third child and even though I felt like I had come a long way in my health journey, every session continued to be informative and empowering. I have learnt an incredible amount from Penny and I feel very blessed to have met her as she has completely changed the way I think about nutrition and exercise. It is no longer something I struggle with, it has now become ingrained in everything I do and has enabled me to become a stronger, happier and more energetic version of myself. I have a copy of Penny’s book The Hormone Connection, and it has become a bible of sorts, everything I have learnt from Penny over the years in one place. I often open it up and am reminded of something Penny said along the way. It hasn’t always been easy, especially with three little ones and not a lot of sleep, sometimes training has felt like an impossible task and just grabbing the most convenient meal has been the easiest option.  With some previous trainers, I felt that they had a ‘no cheating’ mentality where as Penny seemed to understand that in reality we can not be perfect 100% of the time and that it is ok, as long as we get back on track and keep pushing forward. I feel like this has been a game changer for me as I now accept those days rather than carry around the guilt that I used to associate it with and I don’t let it sabotage my progress. I also try to earn my treats such as a glass of wine (or two) rather than feeling guilty and needing to burn off the calories. So thank you Penny, for passing on this invaluable knowledge and being so passionate about what you do and cheers to you!”

~ Evie Baron


Can I Eat Pizza, Lose Weight AND Be Healthy?

I eat pizza, I drink red wine (and the occasional espresso martinis) I love burgers, I love croissants, I’m a sucker for hot chips, and last weekend I smashed  hot cross buns.


What! But Penny, I thought you were all about the clean food?


“Pfft” (insert eye roll)


Let me ask you, can you eat clean foods, for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? That’s gunna be one lonnnnnng boring life if you ask me.


“How can you follow The Hormone Connection method but eat naughty food AND STILL stay in shape and be healthy?”


This is what I am asked regularly.


I’m also asked……

  • Can I still eat chocolate on The Hormone Connection?
  • Can I have a cheat meal/day off on The Hormone Connection?
  • Can I drink wine on The Hormone Connection?
  • Can I eat carbs on The Hormone Connection?
  • Is The Hormone Connection low calorie or rabbit food?


Let me tell you a secret.


Food is food.


The body doesn’t actually know the difference between a burger and a beef sandwich. It’s the mind and the preconditioned “bad food” vs “good food” that knows the difference. I’m not saying that calories and fat gain come from a bad conscience. But I’ll pose you the question, would you stick to way of eating if it allowed you to have your favorite foods every now and again? Or are you happy to be stuck in a self-destructive pattern of eating clean for a few days/weeks and then falling off the wagon?


What if I told you that you didn’t have to eat so clean? All. The. Time.

A)   That’s exhausting.

B)   That’s no fun.

C)   It’s not actually (scientifically) proven to get you the same results.


So I’m finding that many people are afraid to start their The Hormone Connection journey as they think its some crazy restricted diet. Trust me. The Hormone Connection was written by me. I am a foodie. I love my desserts. I love the odd snickers bar. And I love a good weekend off.


The Hormone Connection, my methods, are about correcting the hormone imbalances that make us store body-fat, that make us sluggish and managing life style choices that effect the power of our metabolism.


Once your metabolism is corrected (and even along the way)


Eat all the pizza.


No, no, I’m kidding.


But seriously, the secret to correcting health and burning fat is: Eating healthy most of the time, and eating naughty foods sometimes – over a long period whilst staying in a calorie deficit. Resulting in long-term lifestyle changes without deprivation or going nuts along the way.


Think of it this way, it’s not the pizza that’s making someone unwell and overweight. It’s the impact of the pizza on a person that has poor gut flora, that is inflamed, that has a damaged or slow metabolism and has a wonky hormone profile. A healthy, well hormonally balanced person simply burns the pizza for what it is…….macros (protein, fats, carbs). Food for thought isn’t it? Pun intended.


So my point is, eat pizza, and start your Hormone Connection journey TODAY!



Pen xxx

Real Women Eat Carbs

Last year I had a dream.  I dreamt that women all over the nation would be fearless, fearless of carbs. I dreamt that women would delve into a bowl of rice and know that they are allowed to, that they can do so without counting the calories and macros in it and the most important part of this dream? That it was actually making them leaner, healthier, stronger and happier. That they no longer had to restrict their carbs constantly to maintain their weight.

How did this dream come about? I was in a PT session with a new client a couple of years ago and I told her to eat sweet potato and cottage cheese before bed, she nearly fell over “You want me to eat carbs before bed?”, this comment and many others “How many carbs are in carrots?”, “I had a cheat meal the other day, I had 3 rice-cakes”, “yeah but there’s a lot of carbs in honey right?”

Women all over the nation are obsessed with carbs being evil.

Enough already.

You know what is evil?

Mixing carbs and fats together.

The type of processed carbs you are eating.

The quantity of carbs you are eating.

And, when you are eating your carbs.

All of the above throws your insulin out of whack. Insulin out of control and mismanaged means fat gain around your midsection. I like my muffin top on my muffins, not on my hips thank you.

That’s why I wrote my book The Hormone Connection.

I was sick of the unsustainable low carb diets. The type of misleading information out there has simply scared the slightly carb conscious into full-blown phobias.

I don’t know about you, but sure I can lose a little weight on a low carb diet, but can I keep it off? Can I enjoy life? And can I maintain my sanity? Hell No!

Carbs are the yummies: fruits, breads, pastas, rice, quinoa, potato, yoghurt, just to name a few. In The Hormone Connection I lay it out, no BS, I’m telling you ladies to go forth and eat your carbs and freaking enjoy them, but I’ll tell you what type to have and when, and lets get your insulin and glucose management under control first.

(Hormone Hint: Insulin is a fat storage hormone, so getting it working for you instead of against you is key, it actually has the potential to be a secret weapon in fat burning! And I can teach you how!)

Over and Out (Currently eating my homemade Bircher bowl, guilt free)

Pen xxx

If I Can Do It, So Can You!


You’ve got over your new year blues and you’ve got out of your own head….so you’re ready for some serious motivation to back that up yes?


Straight off the bat let me introduce Penny.



















Yeah that’s me, back many years ago.


A little chubby and a lot unhealthy.


I was seriously unfit, and had no idea of how to eat properly.


I want to share this with you this week because a common misconception is that personal trainers and fitness models are ALREADY in shape or that we are blessed with superhero fat melting genes. Not always the case.


I want to tell you a secret……….I only got in shape AFTER I became a personal trainer, and I only maintained it, tweeked it and STAYED in shape effortlessly AFTER I became “The Hormone Whisperer” (I named myself that, not quite sure it people are taking it on and running with it yet J Maybe I should start a annoying hashtag)


I learnt heaps and studied my arse off.  I qualified in all things fitness, hormones, metabolism and nutrition over 7 years of industry experience. THEN, and only then, did I put it in place on myself, who is better to be a guinea pig than me! I lost around 25kilos. I put in place the appropriate supplements and nutrition through my Biosignature Modulation Practitioner expertise and I trained like a boss. I lost the weight and I’ve kept it off all these years. And guess what, its now easy. It’s not a diet and I believed I could do it, just like I believe you can do it! I learnt how to eat for hormonal health and strengthen my metabolism.


I don’t ever want you to feel disheartened. To see pictures of fit people and curl back up into your ball of doubt. We have all come from somewhere! We have all started somewhere. And if I can do it, SO CAN YOU!




Get Out of Your Own Head!

That’s right. Get out of your own head!

No messing around this week. Let’s get straight into it.

Why are you being so resistant?

Last week we were stuck in a rut and not sure how to progress, procrastinating and even worse, tempted to not even start your health and fitness journey due to sheer New Year blues.

I know how you feel.

Stuck up all in your thoughts.

Doing your head in, I’ve been there.

This week I want to draw on my own personal experience of how I’ve got my act together to get into the best shape of my life, which is currently also happening NOW, at this very moment as I prep for a photo-shoot, I’ve had to recently tap into my own flaws in order to move forward.

Whenever I’ve had a deadline looming for a photo-shoot with Oxygen Magazine or a project, a beach holiday or a competition, there has been this grey area, this sketchy phase where I am doing my head in, I’m all about excuses, I’m resisting pulling my finger out and coming up with as many barriers as I can before I start the journey.

The amount of times I’ve had a little argument in my head.

  • “Start the diet on Monday”
  • “Book in with so and so next month, when I’ve lost some of the initial weight”.
  • “Yeah but, I can’t afford it”
  • “I’m enjoying my single life/new relationship, and I want to drink wine, life is for living!” (This is my most recent blockage!)
  • “It’s too hard” wahhhhh
  • “Do I really WANT to do the photo-shoot/comp/beach holiday body?” The answer is always yes otherwise it wouldn’t even be an option.
  • “I’m scared of failure”
  • “I don’t know what to do!”
  • “Yeah but, but, but …”


The number one blockage we have, I have had, is resistance. I have clung onto it like it’s a safety net. Because being safe and repeating the dialogue in our heads is far easier than actually doing the work. In the past I have resisted, and resisted and resisted. And then one day I woke up and I said; stop thinking Penny, just do it. Be numb. Go through the motions. Just do it. Stop thinking, stop resisting.

What did I do to shake it off and get my ass in gear? I GOT OUT OF MY OWN HEAD. Get over yourself Penny. I got out of thinking why I can’t do it, why I don’t want to do it, why I doubt myself. Do you know what I’m doing when I OVERTHINK things? I am wasting time!


Many blockages are mental. We create them ourselves in our head. We then feed them and let them grow by overthinking. We dig our heels in and throw a little tantrum. We resist moving forward.

I’m not saying that I don’t do that anymore, heck, just last week I did it. I was clinging onto my social life of vino and deliciousness, relishing in my carefree summer mode. When everyone was asking me how the photo-shoot prep was going … cue awkward guilty silence. Imagine being caught with your hands in the cookie jar!

So I’m here to tell you that being in your own head with resistance is A-Okay. We all do it. I do it. I get ya.

New Year Blues

So I’m struggling this week. Actually I’m struggling this month!

For me last year was extreme. I launched my book, I had ups and downs, engagements and then broken engagements, I had wisdom teeth removal and some major a-ha moments in my life. So let’s just say I had a hectic end to 2015. I feel like I am still recovering. So I wonder why I am still wallowing in relaxation, procrastination, unmotivated territory? It’s summer, I’ve worked hard, I deserve my vino and a lax schedule, don’t I? 

I know exactly what it is. I have the ‘New Year Blues’!

And I’m sensing you might be with me?

The blues come on strong, hard and fast and no one can hide from the dreaded New Year anticlimax. We are tired, we are financially, mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted and we are struggling to get ourselves back on track. I hear ya sister!

Tell me, have you been hit with the New Year, New You bull? How exhausting is it! We are trying to be the best we can be already, enough with the pressure of being a new version of ourselves, new and improved, more like new and lacking our usual va va voom. It’s another year and yes we are standing on the cusp of reinvention, of a bigger and brighter you for 2016, your finest year yet I hear you say. So why can’t we just quite kick our asses into gear?

You know what I mean don’t you? You just can’t quite find your mojo? You’ve lost your determination, your action goddess and your drive? It’s gone walkabout somewhere during November 2015.

Maybe we are in limbo, we are sitting ducks, deciding who we want to be, what we want to do and where we want to go. And the annoying thing is, I’m not quite there yet.  I am still resisting getting my shit in order.

Or maybe it’s something else. Maybe you don’t quite know how to get there. You know the person you want to be in 2016 but the work that needs to be put in feels daunting, confusing and the thought is exhausting enough. The saying ‘A year from now you’ll wish you started today!” Yeah but can’t I start next month? It’s all too hard. (Insert Penny throwing a New Year tantrum!)

I recently, only a couple of weeks ago, decided to do a photo-shoot with my good friend Justine Switalla, another Oxygen Cover-girl. We are planning to shoot together to A) have a goal to work towards and B) celebrate our fitness friendship.  There I was hoping to wallow in my self-indulgent wine ‘o’clock for a little longer. It may just be the kick up the butt I need.

If you’d like to follow my progress I’ll be posting updates and tips regularly on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

Next week I’m going to be chatting to you about “Resistance”. So today I’ve let you know the ‘what’ … and what you are doing is refusing. Refusing to start that journey because you’re suffering from the New Year Blues.

Next week I’m going to share with you the WHY, “Why you are being resistant”.

Tune in next week, It’s going to be juicy stuff!

The Carbohydrate Conundrum

Firstly, Merry Xmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you had a good one. I logged off for a couple of weeks and I am now ready to take 2016 by storm. Now, you may have hit the New Year with some wicked New Year resolutions but before you start I want to help you succeed.

A couple of weeks ago I talked to you about finding the perfect diet, the elusive solution that works with you, not against you. As I stand by the fact that achieving YOUR perfect physique and YOUR optimal health should NOT be that hard and they can be achieved together. TRUST ME.

Your Hormones Decide Your Fate

Ever wondered why your friend Suzy can eat all the carbs, and not get fat, and she can even get leaner (bitch!) and then there’s the person who can eat all fat in the world….avocado, nuts, oil, seeds and again gets leaner and leaner. Hmmmmm. So I’ll tell you a story, about me, many many years ago.  I used to eat like a typical figure competitor, low carb, low fat and low calories, no wonder it was hard for me to get lean and never mind maintain. Then the Paleo bandwagon hit and good fats were all the rage, I followed, like a little sheep. Didn’t work for me either. I then followed high carb and yep, I got a little soft and squishy. No matter what way I ate, I gained weight.

Has this happened to you? 

Finding the perfect balance of macros just for YOU can be so hard.

After trial and error I knew that there was more to it. Then I certified as a Biosignature Practitioner and I learnt all about genetic setup of carb metabolism. This sounds confusing. But basically it means “The way your hormones and genetics determine how you utilize and the rate in which you burn macronutrients”.

The issue with a lot of diets around nowadays is that the macros are not balanced, or they are in the incorrect amounts for YOU.

So if you know me by now you know that I can’t stand a generic diet, a one size fits all approach, why? Because we are all very different. I also detest diets that simply promote “health foods” with no explanation of when and where to have them. Just because a banana is healthy, doesn’t mean 3 bananas a day is optimal for health, and it’s definitely not optimal for fat loss.

What I work on with my clients and myself from my book The Hormone Connection is to determine a client’s hormone profile, hormone imbalances, and then balance out insulin and glucose disposal, so in turn you CAN eat carbs, you CAN eat fats, AND you can get lean from doing it! WHAT?!

So let’s go back to me and my carb conundrum and finding the perfect fit. I am what’s called a “carbo type” meaning that I utilize carbohydrates very well, I need them in ample amounts to stay lean and even feel well, healthy, alert and strong. Nowadays I eat carbs at nearly every meal, I know I know, hate me. But the reason for this is through my expertise I manipulated my insulin and glucose disposal, THROUGH DIET ALONE.


I want to share with the story of my client Jess. Jess is mid-thirties and when she started working with me she held most of her weight around her midsection. That dreaded hot spot, also known as a spare tyre. Storing excess body fat here is the result of poor insulin management, elevated cortisol and incorrect macro ratios. I gave Jess a copy of my book The Hormone Connection.

My methods in The Hormone Connection are to regulate blood sugar, stimulate metabolism and fat burning potential and improve insulin management. Jess’s HBA1c was super-duper high, which means she had been having a sordid love affair with carbs and sugar for a while.

We balanced out her macros in perfectly designed meals and recipes from The Hormone Connection and suddenly the puffiness around her hips reduced, she was lighter within a couple of weeks.

We continued to introduce The Hormone Connection foundation meals, whilst training weights 4 days a week.

Jess to date, in 3 months has lost 9kilos. That’s just under a kilo a week!

Her midsection is flat and her insulin management is perfect, so we now have introduced some more carbs as her body now knows what to do with them, which is to burn them for energy instead of storing them for fat! Voila. Great results Jess!

So you see by regulating the way your body handles insulin you in turn make your body a fat burning machine!

That’s it for this week.

Welcome back to your training if you’ve had time off and I hope that clears up and offers some insight to where the carb conundrum could be letting you down in the results stakes.

2016 is going to be a year of elevation, for excelling, for all of us. So let’s do it!



Diet. Finding the Perfect Fit

Last week I opened up the “I’m FRUSTRATED can of worms. I hope you did your homework? Did you scream it from the rooftops? Feel better? Right, now leave that baggage behind you, moving on.

This week I want to talk you about why you’re feeling frustrated. Let’s use someone as an example. Me? Well I don’t mind if I do.

Many years ago I was FRUSTRATED. It was pouring out of me. I could feel it running through my bones. I was angry. I was pissed off.  I was STUCK. I had reached a plateau. A dirty, stubborn, metabolically messy plateau.

I fell into the brutal cycle of constantly trying what I knew, eating the way I had when I used to compete in figure competitions, then trying something new in the hope it would be the answer, “this time it will be the one”, the diet that magically melts away my stubborn plateau.

I was a super strong; super fit Personal Trainer that was a little soft around the edges as a result of YoYo dieting. Except the YoYo never came back up, I was ALWAYS in a calorie deficit – meaning you are eating less calories than you are burning, usually equaling fat loss, NO. Only when done correctly, done well, and done smart.

The real kicker, I watched everyone follow diets around me.  GETTING RESULTS. Here comes the frustration train, Choo Choo.

You know how I felt don’t you? You’re there? Or you’ve been there?

The Perfect Diet.

If you know me by now, you know that I detest generic diets. The one that everyone follows. The fads. Argh. Trust me I’ve followed everything. High fat, high protein, low carb, high carb, carb cycling, paleo, vegan (that only lasted 3 days), cleanses, detoxes, blood type diet, cabbage soup diet, I quit sugar, clean eating, lacto-paleo.  But what makes them all the same? They are all THE SAME. They are generic.

YOU ARE NOT GENERIC! You are a snowflake.

But what is the one thing we all have in common. Hormones! We all have them. Healthy or unhealthy, balanced or unbalanced. But either way, we all have hormones that regulate the rate in which we burn fat.

So what did I do? I found MY DIET. My perfect little diet that fits me like a glove. So perfect that, I could eat it everyday for the rest of my life. It took some trial and error, some tweaking, some epic fails. Some major intuition and flexible dieting and of course a metabolism reset and mindset shift.

You see there is a diet out there for you, just for you. It isn’t a dream and it does exist. It isn’t as elusive as it sounds. It’s YOUR diet. It fits you perfectly. I found mine and I want you to find yours.



Say it. “I’m frustrated!”


Go on, it’s ok, let it out!

I feel you, I hear you.

“I’m so frustrated!” Arggggghhhhhh!!!!

So this week I’ve had a few consultations with new clients and there is something in the air – ahhhh the sweet scent of frustration.

Many of us are feeling it at the moment. For some it’s lurking around the corner.

For others, it’s bubbling over ready to explode. During one consultation on skype this week I even asked a client to scream it at me, I said say it, good, now scream it!

It’s frigging ok to be mad! 

To be mad, angry, frustrated and god damn pissed off; at how on earth you got here, to this plateau, to this level of poor health, unhappiness or misery with your journey or your body shape.

I’ve been there; I wanted to punch the next person that said to me (said in patronizing voice) “Sometimes I just forget to eat and then I lose weight” (insert Penny rolling her eyes in frustration here).

Frustration. This is a feeling. It is deep and it is angry.

It’s there every day and anything can set it off, seeing yourself in the mirror, seeing other people, social media, training, eating, a comment by a stranger or even by a friend, partner or family member.

It affects your self-esteem, it affects your behavior, it affects the way you treat others and most importantly it affects how you treat yourself. It affects everything.

The fact is, we are all struggling in some way, we are all a little or a lot frustrated at the results we are not getting.

It burns us inside and I’ve felt it this week, especially from my new clients. They are angry – they’ve been to see every practitioner and every method hasn’t worked.

They are starting their Hormone Connection journey and they are pissed off, mad and ready to get some serious results.

Let that frustration drive you forward. You have not been broken, if you had, if there was no fire left in you, you wouldn’t be here, giving it one last shot at the body that you crave and deserve.

So, I have some homework for you all to do this week. With my permission, be angry! Be pissed off! Go into a dark room, close the door and scream it out. You’ll feel better.

Now, once that’s done, let it go, move on. Let out the frustration and welcome in change, oh and then hit me up on Facebook to tell me about it :)