Stigma & How It Ruins Lives

I’ll be honest; this is my heaviest blog to date and I have no idea how to approach it, but something in me is yearning to do it. I’m touching on a subject that is wildly opinionated and oh so sensitive. I’m nervous, you’re nervous. Let’s see if I can royally mess it up.


I want to talk about a silent killer. No not the hidden sugar in ketchup, but stigma.


There is always a reason why I write a blog. So let me give you the back-story. I was recently speaking with a girlfriend and I wanted to share with her something, something about myself, something intimate. **cue vulnerability. But before I had the opportunity to, she made a remark about a unrelated topic, I’m not going to tell you but lets just call her Suzy and for the sake of this blog lets just say she said something like “yeah but that’s what gay men do.”


Instantly I thought:

  1. Suzy, you are ignorant.
  2. If my eyes don’t deceive me, you are not a gay man so how do you know.
  3. And lastly, now I know that I will never share with you, because you have listened to gossip, media, hearsay, and mean opinions and guess what – you’ve applied stigma. You’re small-minded and now I think less of you.


Disclaimer: Suzy doesn’t exist and she never said that. I sometimes create mean friends for the impact of this blog.


Stigma is a mark, a blemish, and a scar that cannot be removed.


But you know what gets me fired up the most? Stigma isn’t you (or me) thinking. It’s not an autonomous thought. Stigma is a brainwashed, snow balled effect of misinformed Chinese whispers.


I don’t believe we create our ideas from thin air; Stigma is a mob mentality.


Mob mentality, describes how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviours. Examples of mob mentality include nationalism, globalism, stock market trends, superstition, home décor, festivals, and clothing trends. And then we have mental mob mentality – people influenced by their peers to adopt certain thoughts, here we go…

  • Stigma around women who show their gorgeous bodies off and have a lot of sex (slut shaming)
  • Stigma around gay men and HIV
  • Stigma around sex workers
  • Stigma around single mums
  • Stigma around people that went to a high profile elite university
  • Stigma around women that are 40 and childless and/or marriage-less
  • Stigma around men that are 40 and bachelors
  • Stigma around people that go to the gym a lot
  • Stigma around people that don’t go the gym
  • Stigma around alcoholics
  • Stigma around addicts
  • Stigma around people who live in low income suburbs
  • Stigma around children from domestic or sexual abuse.


To only name a few….


But how do I know that there is stigma? Because as you’re reading those words, you instinctively conjure up previous associations of what we know (or think we know) about them. We can’t help it. Our whole lives and the way we think sometimes is, and has been a mob mentality.


I think that if you have NOT experienced any of the above, you actually don’t have an educated opinion on it, would I be right? (For example: if you have stigma about alcoholism for example, make sure you’ve been a full blown alcoholic to be able to speak up so well informed on the matter)


I don’t even know why I’m writing this blog or where it’s going. I started it with an optimistic oomph and now it seems to be dying on its derriere. I’m a woman aware of stigma around her and a voice to say I see it, but no suggestions on how to change it. If anything, lets just start to talk about it with ourselves and our loved ones and see where we have been placing stigma and judging people close to us because of it.


I’ll leave you with this – I feel that the more stigma we place on people and their circumstances, the more we:

a) Shame them into not sharing with us their lives, their troubles and even their joys.

b) We narrow the scope of people we can relate to, connect with and learn from.

c) We are ultimately small minded and annoying to be around.


Over and out


Identity & Being Yourself

Imagine me, one Tuesday afternoon, chilled out to the max, work complete and looking for something to do. Sounds harmless yes? Wrong. I stumbled onto my Instagram page and thought it would be a grand idea to redo my bio. Fast-forward 3 hours later – me, rocking silently in a corner questioning who I am and where I belong in this world not to mention this social media sphere. All I needed to top it off was a dinner party and someone to ask “and what do you do for a living?” *cue full-blown anxiety attack.


At one point I deleted the entire Instagram bio and just wrote ‘human’.


The truth of the matter is, I haven’t known where I belong in the industries I’m in for a while now. I am majority writer, long time personal trainer, absolute Author of a cookbook, on the side uni-student, with undertones of a debaucherous rebel dying to express herself on her social platforms. But I am a lone ranger. I keep my head down and work away in all of these areas without being fanatical about one or the other. Hence confusion with how and where and when to express myself and what I do.


Recently I’ve been scared to post anything but fitness in case my fitness followers don’t continue to follow, scared of posting my writing in fear of my fitness readers not finding relevance, scared of posting non-food inspiration to my cookbook followers. And scared of posting a wildly irrelevant post that represents me but yet has no place anywhere.


For too long I have been scared to publicly change identities.




That is ludicrous.


And has me exhausted.


With some self-reflection I see it’s a bigger case of letting go. I have been known as a famous cover girl, model and public figure personal trainer and I have followers that have followed me for nearly ten years because of that. It’s sometimes difficult to let that go and move into a new phase of my life without fear that people (my followers) wont follow suit. I used to be a full time personal trainer and part time writer, and now I’m a full time writer and part time personal trainer. I asked myself, why is the struggle so real to show that?


Because, history does in fact define us. Our previous successes make us who we are and we undoubtedly cling to them as an identity. So transitioning can be resistant. Then lets discuss labelling, labelling is a huge business nowadays – every app or platform or subscription has a “describe who you are” section.


What I realised was, I needed to define what I’m passionate about:

  1. Inspiring women to be fit and healthy.
  2. Inspiring women to wear their personalities in the form of their fashion.
  3. Inspiring women to break the societal mold and create a unique and exceptionally diverse life.
  4. Inspiring women to have self-expression, equality, sexual autonomy, and empowerment with their bodies, therefore creating an insight into nonconventional ways to live their lives.
  5. Writing about all of the above.


I’m going to set you homework – I’d like you to do the same. Write down 5 things that you are passionate about. Then take a look at them, and see how they light you up but also that they don’t define you, they are not your set identity, they are changeable and in ten years they may not be you – and guess what? THAT’S OK. You are an ever-evolving human, your interests’ change, and your mentality changes and so do your goals. You are not defined by an Instagram bio, resume, a job title or a fixed idea of how your life was or is.


This is a bigger picture I feel, one that I cannot even attempt to attack here on my wee blog. Instead, I’ll just leave you with this…we are at the height of a decade; a decade of judgment, image conceptualization, and identity crisis. We are encouraged to chase our dreams, be authentic and embrace ourselves, but then body shaming, slut shaming, and labeling are higher than ever.


We are so confused, on the brink of a breakthrough.


The world is screaming “BE YOURSELF, but be careful…because we will judge you for it”. I refuse. Instead of being someone you follow because of a label, I’d like just to be followed because I’m another human, doing her thing, without a rule book – and if I can be your relatable mentor then that’s pretty cool too.


You will have noticed this blog transforming, into a lifestyle blog – not just health and fitness. So I do hope you come along for the ride.


Until next time, be unapologetically you.

Penny xxx


I Don’t Understand Why You’re Single

I have never used my blog as a platform for a rant but today, I must (and it’s my blog so I can write whatever the hell I like).

“I don’t understand why you’re single, you’re a good looking successful girl” 

Read that again.

Firstly, let’s address how superficial and down right mean that comment is, not to mention how utterly stupid and misinformed you sound. So I’m good looking, right…therefore I must be in a relationship? and what do you say to people that you consider not good looking? “Yeah I understand why you’re single because you’re so ugly and all” and what about if I were less successful? “Oh that makes sense for not being in a relationship, because you’re a failure.”

Secondly, you’re insinuating that there must be something wrong with people when they’re single. You’re an ignoramus. I sometimes wonder how you got a girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband to put up with you and your teeny tiny fixed mindset.

And finally, my favourite would be “Don’t worry, you’ll find him” – the generalisation that floods my world nowadays is that being single is terrible and that the ultimate goal in life is to be in a relationship and meet ‘the one’ (Disney brainwashed much?) Bull. And the sooner you evolve past your archaic mentality the better for both of us. Just a reminder, this is 2017 – we are at the peak of equality, freedom of choice, empowerment, fertility indifferences, and female sexual autonomy…so please keep up.

I am single because I choose to be single, not because no-one chose me.

The amount of times I’ve been verbally attacked by people bewildered that I am single and that I don’t want to follow (like a sheep) the protocol – I know it scares you, a woman you don’t understand, so here is some insight into my mind – I have one life and I’m going to choose to live it the way I see fit, not the way I’ve been told to live it by society, history, traditions or bullying. I have been questioned relentlessly, misunderstood, patronised and the most hurtful…isolated and excluded from social gatherings because I am single. This is not acceptable behaviour.

So before you assume someone is unhappy being single, ask them. I can guarantee the answer will be “hell yes!”…followed by a “high five sister!” and a champagne cork popping in the background.

Everyday I decide to be single, in a tinder fairytale…I could be in a relationship with someone, anyone, human, goat or tree, anytime, tomorrow, but my life choice right now is to be single – and my quality of life feels no different because of this. But I do wonder why it bothers you so much?

I put to you, if society has stigmatised single people to be unhappy, then to be happy you must be married? How many married people do you know that are happy? See, the point is mute as it is irrelevant. Marital status does not determine happiness or success.

To the people that judge me to my face or often behind my back because I am a woman that intimidates you with my forward thinking, confuses you and leaves you feeling uneasy because you don’t understand how I live my life with such freedom – I am a woman that doesn’t need a relationship to feel fulfilled, that doesn’t want to get married because it has no value to her, and I am a woman that is bossing life successfully and actually enjoys being single **shock horror!

So let me make this perfectly clear for your societal conformed and robotic little brains to comprehend – I am happy in my life and yes I am single, they do go together.

With Love and Lust,


(Aka Samantha Jones spirit animal)

Disclaimer: I few things may pop up in your feels from this blog. Lets clear them up before any keyboard warriors get trigger happy.

1) I love marriage. I think it’s beautiful. It can be done well, and successfully – so this is not a blog discrediting being in a relationship and/or being married, I’m simply saying – its not for me and people shouldn’t push their beliefs on others.

2) These are my feels, not yours. You don’t even need to get it, just nod and look away.

3) I hope that from this blog people who apply stigma and generalise their single friends can now see a different point of view.

12 Ways To Reduce Cortisol & Tummy Fat

Cortisol, along with norepinephrine and epinephrine are our fight or flight response hormones and are produced by our adrenal glands. Each of these stress hormones are released in different ratios depending on the stress you are faced with. The hormone Cortisol can present itself in many ways. Most people think that cortisol is simply being stressed, or feeling stressed emotionally, but there are many more in depth causes to stress. When our cortisol is high it can accumulate body fat around your mid section, especially your umbilical area.

Things that can disrupt cortisol levels are anger, conflict, aggression, diabetes, dieting, excessive caffeine and sugar, lack of sleep and skipping breakfast, just to name a few. Foods that raise cortisol are alcohol, caffeine, gluten, licorice and excessive sodium. Foods that help reduce cortisol are high fibre foods, whey protein, vitamin C, and phosphatidylserine (BSE), which is a natural chemical, found in mackerel, herring, chicken, beans, pork, leafy greens and beef. Cortisol is probably the hardest hormone to control because, well, it’s out of our control. I suggest along with picking cortisol friendly foods, addressing where in your life elevated cortisol may be coming from. Eliminate stressful situations, relationships and habits.

Cortisol And Digestion
You may not think that cortisol impacts food and digestion but it does. When you are stressed, whether it’s a lion in the room or a deadline at work (same thing to your adrenals) your body stops producing insulin so you have plenty of glucose ready to fight, and relaxes the muscles of the stomach, you body is smart, it would rather conserve energy to save your life, from your deadline, than digest food.

To manage stress and decrease the body’s output of the hormone cortisol, follow my top 12 ways to reduce physical stress and ultimately trim down your tummy.

1. Stop Doing Cardio On Machines.
Cardio equipment such as the stepper, cross trainer, bike and treadmill give off ‘dirty’ electricity and cause cortisol to rise in your system, instead, get outdoors and enjoy your workout.
2. Avoid Food Allergens.
When you eat something that your body has intolerance to it causes cortisol to rise. Avoid your known allergies and steer clear of common food that causes intolerances such as: over consumption of eggs, artificial flavors and additives, artificial sweetener’s, dairy, wheat, gluten, and soy.
3. Avoid Foods That Are Unhealthy.
This means processed and packaged foods, foods high in trans fats and sugar.
4. Ensure You Are Getting Enough Fibre.
Aim for at least 25g of fibre a day. Low fibre leads to poorer insulin health and an increase in tummy fat.
5. Eliminate relationship stress. This is a given, if you are in an unhappy relationship or experiencing emotional stress of some description it can effect your health, and ultimately your cortisol levels.
6. Fix Your Gut Flora.
If your gastrointestinal health is compromised it can lead to belly fat gain and elevated cortisol.
7. Limit Fructose In Your Diet To Only Fruit Sources.
Avoid all fructose corn syrup.
8. Take Magnesium.
Magnesium helps to decrease cortisol and calm the body. Optimum times for magnesium is post workout and before bed.
9. Eliminate Work Stress.
This isn’t as simple as it seems, as we sometimes cannot control the work environment we spend so much time in. I would suggest reevaluating your working relationships, time management, and procedures to ensure your working day runs as smoothly as possible.
10. Drink More Water.
A major cause of elevated cortisol can be dehydration. To ensure you are hitting your required h2o target use a notepad to tally up your water consumption, your water requirements are dependent on your level of activity and body weight.
11. Commit Yourself To Achieving Excellence.
Change your mindset to that of a positive, can do attitude.
12. Relax!
Engage in activities that you find relaxing and calming. Such a massages, saunas, walks with girlfriends, reading a book, yoga, Pilates and stretching.

BioSignature Is Coming To Sydney!

I have exciting news for you! I’m taking The Hormone Connection love on tour!

I’ll be in Sydney the 25th to the 27th August* and I am super pumped to be hosting BioSignature Consultations. So if you’ve been dreaming of working with me and are wanting to revamp your metabolism, health, hormones, body and ultimately your quality of live – then NOW is your chance!

Included in your BioSignature Consultation will be…

Hormone Profile / Body Fat Analysis / Nutrition Plan / Supplement Plan / Personalised Lifestyle Plan – Sleep, Digestion, Toxin Load & Gut Health / Starter Pack eBook

For $250

So hands in the air if you’re ready for CHANGE? If you’re ready, Awesome! Send me an email and secure your Hormone Consultation* with me.

*limited spots available and 25% deposit required to reserve your spot.

Love & Hormones,


You Failed This Year? Awesome! – My Tips On How To End A Shit Year.

So I usually write up a happy, happy, fluffy, fluffy goal setting blog around this time of year for my followers. Riddled with goal crushing tips and tricks and a patronising undertone of how to be the best version of you, because this is your year, remember? (Side note, every year is your year – high five sista!)


But there seems to be some serious social hate surrounding poor 2016 that everyone seems to be getting on board with, so I figured a self righteous blog about writing S.M.A.R.T goals isn’t going to resonate with you. When sometimes the ugly truth is that we try a little better and yet another year drags by with us still no further along, and we start off the refreshed year with deep remorse for our decisions.


Lets touch firstly on all the articles, blogs and memes you’ve seen floating around the last few days. You know the ones, about 2016 taking all of legendary celebrities lives, or that 2016 can go to hell, or that it’s been a trying year for all. And if read the deeper articles there is some spooky stuff going on with numerology and chakras blah blah blah, and that’s cool too and probably has some decent backbone to it.


But what I want to talk to you about is how low we are all feeling. Yep, it’s real. You haven’t been imagining it; its there and we are all crawling to the start of 2017 on our knees with hope in our eyes that this unlucky year will leave us be.


Next, lets do some vulnerability check-ins shall we? Cause I love that shit and you guys love my real, awkward and no bull approach.


Here we go:


I have failed at some major things this year.


There I said it.


I have failed so hard and fast at some adult stuff this year, that I hit my head on the way down. I failed the deepest and darkest and hardest, so you could say I failed spectacularly, I probably failed the best, hang on, so I’m really the winner at failing?


Failing is so cool. I love failing, mainly because, if you know me through my blog or even personally, I am a story teller – through words in any way. I love a good dramatic and slightly fabricated story to make people feel lighter and the odd laugh at misfortune – because no one likes a story of brilliance and success all the time……boring, we like hardship and comedy combined. So every time I fail, I say to myself, that’s gunna be a great story. It also makes you more resilient for the mammoth future failures to come – yep spoiler alert, life is hard and you’re going to fail a lot.



On the flip side, this year has been phenomenal for me in areas I never expected.  Really exciting areas of my life and my personality have blossomed and I’ve learnt so much about myself as a person. So, granted 2016 in my best description, has “just been weird” but I am ending 2016 with clarity of who I am and what makes me happy, with a slight understanding of my place in the world around me and a decent approach of where I’m heading – not a down right comprehension of it all, but close enough, and that my friends, is all I need to transition into 2017.


So many people this time of year do a ‘close off’, they sweep the last year under the carpet and welcome in the next year, set some new goals and right off the year.  But what I would like you to do is to totally honor what you have failed at. Yes it has been a shit year, for some more than others. But I suggest you put your big girls pants on and reflect on what you’ve learnt, openly tell people “I failed this year, and I’m so ok with that”, and remember that no bad year is a waste – it is merely a layby year to the big, momentous years that shine through.


I said I wouldn’t do it – but here are my goal crushing tips for 2017:

  1. Fail a little harder, because it’ll make you even more awesome, and funny and interesting as a person.
  2. Do something that you haven’t done before. This could be eating a vegetable that you’ve never eaten before or trekking the Himalayas, your choice.
  3. Drink more water and get more sleep, because we all need that.
  4. Get your chakra sorted sweetheart.


So yes, due to numbers and the moon and chakras, we have all had a really trying, exhausting and stressful year.  So what. We’re all adults, doing our best, with what we’ve got, and failing along the way.


So hands in the air if you failed this year? Awesome! I am so very proud of you. Tell me all about it! Please send me an email and share your failure and see if you can make me laugh.


Pen xxx

Your Gut Knows Whats’s Up.

Hello My Gorgeous FitFam!

Last blog I talked to you about Your Intuition and how that should (ideally) guide you in creating balance in your health and lifestyle, this week lets delve deeper.

When facing a difficult decision often we talk about a “gut feeling”, we’re told to “trust our gut instinct”. Well there is more truth and depth to that than you may think……
Gut Feelings come from our “Second Brain” in Our Gastrointestinal Systems.I know right? Wow. *Mind blown.This is a primal and already established connection between our brain and our gut.

This mind-gut connection is not just metaphorical. Our brain and gut are connected by an extensive network of neurons and a highway of chemicals and hormones that constantly provide feedback about how hungry we are, whether or not we’re experiencing stress, or if we’ve ingested a disease-causing microbe.

This information superhighway is called the brain-gut axis and it provides constant updates on the state of affairs at your two ends.

That sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach after looking at your post-holiday credit card bill is a vivid example of the brain-gut connection at work. You’re stressed and your gut knows it—immediately.

I bet you’re wondering why I’m telling you this, aren’t you? Because, so often I meet clients that are trying their darn hardest to achieve their goals and it is not working for them. As a Biosignature Practitioner, my main goal is to work with your imbalances and put a plan together to correct them, gut flora imbalances are in need of some tender, love and care in EVERYONE that walks into my office.

Therefore, by supporting your gut flora, you improve your weight, your mood and your overall health. It really is essential and the foundation of your goals.

When working with me, this is my main focus – simply because it is impossible to get a person lean (or leaner) and healthy (or healthier) when their gut flora and gut integrity is diminished or compromised.

Correcting gut flora is my specialty; I know I know, geek alert. How I help my clients fix their gut flora is:

  • Assessing the repetitive factors that are contributing to the issue.
  • Instilling permanent lifestyle changes
  • I look at what the underlying issue is, and then I look a little deeper.
  • I fix the clients health first, and then the hot bod will follow.

This ensures that your body becomes a healthy, happy, fat burning machine and losing weight doesn’t become a full time job and uphill struggle – exhausting with void results.

If you would like to book in a Biosignature Consultation or my online consulting program, to work through any gut flora issues you have, or have any questions, just simply hit reply on this email lets chat!

Pen xxx

How Do We Achieve Balance?

My A Team! How did you go after the last blog? Did you run wild and free and say screw the world and its rules?


Firstly, thank-you to everyone that emailed me saying “Hello” after my last blog, with stories of trials and tribulations, you opened up, and filled me with “You Go Girl!” joy. It is really cool to know that we are all on similar journeys and we are all just doing our darn best effort at this thing called life. A special happy and healthy hive five to the amazing woman who emailed me to share her story of how she is travelling around Australia in a campervan after quitting her job and saying “Howdy Freedom” – you rock, and you seriously made my week.


So I mentioned balance in my last blog. And I bet you have been sitting by your inboxes, eagerly awaiting my number 1 top tip for where balance lies haven’t you?


Well before I give all of my tricks away, I’m going to paint the scene. Imagine me, 7 years ago, lean and shredded and um oh, malnourished and miserable.


The issue I had back then, was I was all about “Dieting”. I was constantly in a state of dieting and rebounding, feeling yukkie and overweight, then dieting hard again, and so the cycle continued. It was exhausting; time consuming, and a waste of a life.


Those years were seriously a blur; insert sad emoji.


Every few months I used to change my diet. Looking for the next best diet. Every time saying to myself “This is the one!”


Eliminating foods, never having a cheat meal, going so low carb that I felt like I could eat a small horse whole.


I constantly had “just 5 kilos to go”, if I could just lose that 5 kilos I would a) be happy, and b) could stop “dieting”. How naive I was.


Nowadays I have my shit together, well kinda, ok maybe sometimes, ok I kinda don’t. I’m human and I sometimes don’t have to time to train or food prep, or sometimes I just want to eat pizza. Either way I follow my methods and my metabolism is strong, I eat easy breezy and don’t stress anymore about it. I eat 2500-3000 calories a day and maintain my physique.


So, following on from my last blog I want you to say, “Screw you!” yes, screw you to dieting! It doesn’t actually work. It’s painful. It’s unsustainable and its all a fad. Even in my method The Hormone Connection, I outline guidelines, for better health, but never do I say you must follow this 100%. If anything, I tell you to include cheat meals frequently, use your knowledge and mindfulness to eat nourishing foods most of the time and your favorite foods when you want.


So finding the elusive balance is hard, because I’m asking you to get in touch with the way you ate before you started trying too hard. The way you used to eat before you became concerned, aware or regimented.


The trick is: Intuition.


We all have it. It is in built in us. Created to guide us.


But now use that intuition, plus knowledge of your metabolism and hormonal strengths/weaknesses to make it work for you, effortlessly. It will be a challenge and its not going to happen overnight.


I said to a client this week “Just get on with life, follow your meal plan and train and see your girlfriends and go out, sleep and live, and watch what happens, your body will relax and start to shed some of that extra “padding” (emotional or physical?) that you’re holding on to”


Imagine I am saying that to you guys, every one of you, with big virtual cyber hugs.


Pen xxx

Are You Living A Free Life?

My tribe, I’ve been off the grid. I’ve been living and not writing, unable to offer any creative blogs to inspire and educate. Every time I opened my laptop I froze, it wasn’t time.

The last few months, I have been in a no-mans land of soul searching. Resisting adulting. Letting go of all responsibilities. If I didn’t have anyone telling me what to do, I could stand independently alone right? Like the single, independent lady I am (cue a ‘speak to hand’ gesture and Beyoncé’s all the single ladies, all the single ladies la la lah).


I’ve been on my journey, getting in touch with my inner child and discovering who I am to the core and where I’m going. No hippy weirdo stuff, I hate that crap. I haven’t been sitting on a beach, wearing Lululemon, realigning my chakra, proclaiming #findingmyself. I’ve just been tuning out and living life to the beat of my own drum. Which ironically enough, you don’t need to do loudly. You can stealthy, quietly and without being that annoying friend, do it hushed. You can just plod along and work your shit out.


During this period of a few months, something dreadful happened (dreadfully amazing!) I turned 30 years young. Enter a life crisis and me furiously clinging onto my youth. When I am needed more than ever to have my shit together, correlated, immaculately and methodically together, for conformity’s sake. I did not. The opposite was truer. My shit was not together. So I threw a tantrum and loudly told all of my friends how my shit was not organized and I was sick of being an adult.


So now I’ve painted this picture, with all of this being said, I want to enlighten you; oh how I hate that word, could I be any more patronizing? No, I want to share with you what I learnt recently by taking a break from adulting, and you can chose whether to gain some perspective or maybe it just isn’t relative to you right now (save this in your email folder for when you need me to patronize you at a later date).


I’ve been torn between conformity and recklessness.


Turns out that there is this sweet spot in-between the two, and it’s called balance. Yes the B word. I know, I know, it’s like a unicorn. Does it really exist? No one has ever seen it or felt it, but we know it exists, it must do. To give us hope that this hamster wheel we are on has a destination. People throw the word around, like they’ve found it, I don’t believe them, they are still struggling, I can see it in their eyes.


We are stuck in the loop of trying to do our best, failing (maybe occasionally succeeding) and then trying again, the same way, but still hoping for different results. We are stuck doing what people tell us to do. We are stuck in rules and methods and conformity. We must do what is considered normal.


We can distance ourselves from more adults, our parents, our mentors, our coaches; we can say we don’t need help. Then we stand alone sucking our thumbs “Help me!” Sometimes we just need a little guidance, and that’s A.O.K girl.


What if I told you that there is a different way to do life, its not the usual way, I’ve found it recently, and its called…….


“What ever the hell you want”


……and guess what? It makes you happy. Like seriously happy.


There is this magic place of doing what ever the hell you want and also following the rules and being accountable to someone.


Now I can try and put a health and fitness spin on this, because that’s my job. But if you are following my blog purely for boring health and fitness tips, you are following the wrong gal. I open the door to my trials and tribulations to show you that life is freaking real and I am real and every single thing in your life has a mirror image to something else. So working on a whole, helps you in becoming a well-rounded, happy, healthy individual. So in every area of your life; health, fitness, business, school, family, relationships, sex, vocabulary, life goals, social life, DO WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY. If that means going for a run on a Wednesday and drinking a green smoothie, and then dancing until 3am and drinking cocktails on a Saturday. Do it. There are no rules but the confinements you place on yourself.


Live Your Life The Way YOU Want To!


If you are totes vibing this, and you are feeling a little lost with your journey. I want to hear from you my gorgeous wannabe free spirited, empowered, curious woman. Just hit ‘reply’ to this email, say Hello and share your story.


Next week, I am sharing some more life lessons on finding that elusive BALANCE……..well I might be, depends if I am too wild and free, realigning my chakra and eating kale that week.


Over and out

Guru Penny.


Estrogen And Fat Gain

Hey There  Gorgeous! (aka my hormone hungry knowledge vulture!)


This week I am giving you a crash course in estrogen 101.


When talking about hormones, sometimes it can be confusing, so lets break it down into a fool proof (super fun!) estrogen lesson!


What Is Estrogen? The Basics.

Estrogen is a hormone that is produced primarily in the ovaries in women and in the testes in men. When you think of Estrogen, you think of just women right? Nope, for men, it plays an important role in sperm production and bone maintenance. Estrogen is also produced by other tissues in both men and women, including fat and the brain.


So How Does Estrogen Make Me Store Body-fat?

Excess estrogen increases body fat.  Fat tissue produces and stores more estrogen. The estrogen in turn, causes the body to increase fat tissue, fat tissue produces more estrogen, estrogen continues to produce fat tissue, and on and on the cycle goes.


What Is Xenoestrogen?

Xenoestrogens are a type of xenohormone that imitates estrogen. They can be either synthetic or natural chemical compounds. Synthetic xenoestrogens are widely used industrial compounds, such as PCBs, BPA and phthalates, which have estrogenic effects on a living organism even though they differ chemically from the estrogenic substances produced internally by the endocrine system of any organism. Xenoestrogens are also called “environmental hormones” or “EDC” (Endocrine Disrupting Compounds).


Just so you know, Xenoestrogens ARE NOT A GOOD THING!


How Do We Ingest Xenoestrogens?

Xenoestrogens are everywhere, literally everywhere, unfortunately. They are in the food you eat, in the pharmaceuticals you take, it the water you drink, in the products you wash your hair with, in the cleaning products that touch your skin and the chemicals you breathe in. Wowzers!


That’s right, but the ills of estrogen on the body don’t just come from the environment. But also, the ineffective way we metabolize estrogen is directly linked to prostate and breast cancer risk. It also produces poor body composition and inhibits weight loss, you’ll likely store excess body fat on your legs if your estrogen is too high.


The issue I’m trying to get at here is, Xenoestrogen MIMICS estrogen. Which elevates your own estrogen, catch 22 and a recipe for disaster.


Ok Now I Know The Basics Penny, How On Earth Do I Fix It?!

Unfortunately, unless you withdraw from society, the chances of being able to completely avoid xenoestrogens are not very high.  However, there are plenty of things you can do to at least minimize their effect and lessen your exposure to them. LUCKILY, your Hormone Guardian Angel is here (that’s me!) with a FREE “Leaner Legs 5 Step Plan” to give you an insight into how to make the effects lesser, in addition my top tips below:


  • Improve Gastrointestinal Health
  • Improve Diet
  • Decrease Body Fat
  • Use Phytoestrogens To Improve Estrogen Detoxification
  • Stop Testosterone From Turning into Estrogen
  • Improve Estrogen Metabolism
  • Ensure Complete Elimination
  • Supplement With Essential Nutrients
  • Watch What You Drink
  • Limit Chemical Estrogen Exposure

So thats it for this week, stay safe, healthy and (hormonally) happy,

Pen xxx