Being A Woman Is Hard Enough

Let’s be honest shall we, life is hard.

After a chat to a client last week, we were discussing (and shaming) how hard it is to keep up this facade we have. This empowered, well-groomed, toned, “got our shit together “ sisterhood thing we do.

We were discussing the exhaustion of  “list ticking”. Yes I know you write lists of everything you need to do, we’re all friends here, “Hello my name is Penny Lomas and I am a serial list writer too”.

Sometimes even writing the list stresses me out! Hello Cortisol!

Get up early and do a workout, eat a healthy breakfast, pick up the dry cleaning, be a boss lady at work, wear something gorgeous, be a perfect girlf/wife/rock being single, have a green smoothie, get my legs waxed, see my friends after work for a drink, make dinner, do the laundry. Make sure I get 7-9hrs of perfect sleep. Wakeup. And do it all again.

It’s exhausting.

And, how do we know we are doing it correctly?

Are we getting all the super-foods we need in that green smoothie?

Are we doing the right workout routine?

Are we doing enough yoga to wind down from the stressful lives?

Are we living life correctly? The pressure is real.

I’ll be honest, sometimes don’t you just want to wear your trackies to work, have a cry for no reason, leave your eyebrows to grow into a uni-brow and say to hell with maintaining your perfect little life?

We can’t all be Beyoncé: having an awesome butt, running our empire (business or household), never crumbling, keeping it together, and guess what? We try to look flawless all at the same time.

My client told me she had signed up to do yoga and hadn’t been once yet, she was stressed about not going to the yoga class timetable.

I told her that she had added yet another commitment to her life, and that she would inevitably beat herself up with because she didn’t attend.

My client was telling me she was EXHAUSTED with being a woman. She was tired of keeping all your appointments and trying to overachieve in every aspect of her life. And oh my god did I hear her. Amen sister!

Unfortunately, our bodies, and namely our hormones don’t always cooperate. Making life a little harder, and coping with our every day lives becomes an epic mission.

Understanding our hormones is an absolute GAME CHANGER. So I’m asking you to make things a little easier, knock one thing off the list that shouldn’t be a drama: Your hormones and nutrition.

And remember, its mothers day next weekend. So why not buy your mummabear the gift of freedom, freedom from yet one more thing we are supposed to have under control: Your body.

The Hormone Connection is not just for your amazing mums, please feel free to forward this email to the important women in your life who might benefit from learning how female hormones play a major role in health.