Cellulite. Is Your Mind Making You Fatter?


This weeks article is about the C word, the word we’re not allowed to say. No no, not that one, the other one. Cellulite. Now before you recoil away from my website in shame, I will tell you a secret: “I have cellulite” There I said it. Wow does that feel good. In fact, most of us have it, that doesn’t mean we have to like it and it also doesn’t mean that we have to live with it.

This article entry isn’t going to list a regurgitated explanation of what cellulite is, how it looks and how to cover it up with a million ways including creams, surgeries and if you ask my opinion, stupid ideas. Your basically putting a blanket over a fire, but underneath a fire still burns. I’m not going to hit search on google(and hope for the answer) even once for this article. Unlike some websites, I will also not tell you to eat soybeans and corn to help cellulite. This is MY answer, and again, like all my articles, my opinion and thoughts are that of my own.

Instead, I am going to talk to you about two things:

  1. My take on the mental cause and solution to cellulite.
  2. My take on the physical cause and solution to cellulite.

When fixing a problem, like all problems I am faced with my clients, I fix it from the inside out! Here I will tell you how to fix it once and for all, not cover it up. No surgery, or creams or Bridget jones underpants to hide it.

The mental cause and solution to cellulite:

My readers and followers by now know that I am a little hippie, I am a hippie in denial but yes I have been know to go all voodoo to fix a problem.

“Cellulite is stored anger and self punishment”

Voila! Stop hating on yourselves ladies. Cellulite is a collection of self hatred, low self esteem, self loathing and a general dislike in yourself and body image all bundled up into a lovely squishy storage system. Padding to protect yourself. You are hanging onto hate, why? To punish yourself maybe. So the easiest solution would be to let go of that wouldn’t it? Easier said than done. I’ve learnt over many many years that loving yourself is a constant work in progress. I guarantee that if your reading this blog 50% of you are instantly feeling better, you suddenly feel like someone has put it out there, the REAL truth, in your face. Think back to when you first noticed the cellulite? At what age? What was happening then in your life? Did you just come out of a breakup? Where you rebounding from a competition? Did you or do you have body image dissatisfaction?

For every physical ailment there is mental manifestation. So instead of looking at yourself and your bad points, start looking at your positives and be grateful. You will become what you believe, if you believe you are beautiful, you are. Do not punish yourself for simply being you. Learn to love yourself, from the inside out.

If you would like to research more info on this I recommend Louise Hay, she is brilliant and there is a lot of truth to her theories.




The physical cause and solution to cellulite:

What is cellulite?

Image an apple. A hard, round apple. Growing on a tree. With tough, hydrated skin and a solid core. Now image if you didn’t feed that apple the right food. Or water the apple tree. Or the apple became rotten and toxic. If you didn’t look after that apple, what would become of it? Hmmmm, the skin would wrinkle and the apple would become squishy and collapse. That apple is your skin cell, one of many, and connective tissue, damaged by weakening and dehydration. That collection of skin cells is your cellulite. All squished, weak, dry and pushed to the surface by body fat to cause a rippling, dimpled effect.

So if the skin cells were hard and plump and healthy again, the cellulite would reduce, right?

“Ah ha (light bulb moment) SO, how do I strengthen the wall of the skin cell dear penny?” I hear you cry.

It’s about what you put in:

  • Essential Fatty Acids. EFA’s are fundamental in removing cellulite. EFA’s attract water to the dehydrated cells and connective tissue. Get EFA’s from cold water fish such as mackerel and salmon and walnuts and flaxseeds.
  • Include in your diet poultry, meat, eggs and fish to get essential amino acids the body requires for the production of collagen and elastin within the connective tissues.
  • Antioxidants. Cellulite is also banked up toxins and a poor ability to excrete them. So Antioxidants will help your system detox and stop the free radical damage that weakens the dermis and results in lumps and bumps. Include into your diet fruits and vegetables of colour to make sure you are getting an array.
  • Glucosamine will also help repair damage to the dermis.

So unlike many “practitioners” and “experts” out there that 1: Do not discuss the real cause of cellulite and merely talk about ways to cover it up, and 2: Believe people should be avoiding fat like the plague, I believe in a high good fat diet (yes as well as high protein and let’s just leave carb intake to another blog article)

So let me guess, you have cellulite and you have reduced your dietary fat to try and get leaner and get rid of the cellulite? Right? Wrong! It made it worse, so you ate less and less fat to try and get rid. What a vicious circle.

My point is: YOU NEED FAT. Trying to make people lean and healthy by taking out their fat is like pushing a cart up a hill, you’ll get there but Christ it will be hard work and you wont be in good condition when you get to the top.

The repair of the cell wall is also dependent on the term of damage, if you have been eating low fat for say a year, you may notice improvements within a couple of months maybe even weeks of eating more good fats, but if you have been eating low fat for decades, well, expect a long road to recovery.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are MANY reasons for cellulite, such as toxic accumulation, poor circulation, fibrosis of connecting tissue and water retention. So there are many techniques to try, but you can start by increasing your dietary fat and giving yourself a’lil self loving.

Your in Health, Hormones & Happiness



Success Story: Kylie



It is with a happy and proud heart that i share my client Kylie and her 12 week journey with me.

“So, I like to think that I know a lot of stuff.

And I do.

I’ve been in the fitness and health industry since 1996.

I’ve worked as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor (in things as diverse as tai chi, pre and post natal aquarobics to body attack and bootcamp), physiotherapist, clinical pilates instructor and both college and university lecturer.

I’ve been overweight most of my life.

I’ve tried numerous different models of nutrition, joined weight watchers, used dieticians, nutritionists, specialist doctors. My weight has gone down, then up, then down- at one stage in my late teens I topped 100kg. Through my own self study and consistency with exercise as I became a group fitness instructor I was able to lose around 30kg in my early 20’s.

More recently I fluctuate between 70 and 75kg- always happier when under 70 but battle to get there. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis in 2004- I thought this was finally the answer to the lingering body fat that I couldn’t shift. Medication helped and certainly the weight would go up when the medication wasn’t enough but it wasn’t the whole answer.

By November 2012, I was feeling burnt out.

I had 15 years of group fitness instructing under my belt- was “only” teaching 7 classes per week (cut back from 12)- it’s amazing how the lifestyle of a group fitness instructor maintains a culture of overtraining. On top of the classes I was pursuing my own training at CrossFit- then I needed to go to yoga to unwind the CrossFit, plus running a couple of times per week with friends as a social activity. Then I felt stressed so I would go swimming once a week and dancing once a week as “de-stress” activities.

Just so we’re clear- I KNEW I was overtraining. I just couldn’t see how to change- I felt like I NEEDED the training to give my life the structure that had always been so familiar to me.

I made a decision to give up KNOWING and just take on being coachable.

The biosignature approach that Penny outlined for me was completely counter to anything that I knew to do- eat more food and train less, limit cardio type training and lift more weights, more often.

The first time the callipers and the camera came out I was resigned- you have to start where you are right?

But by the second time, I knew things were changing, responding to the regime that I’d followed almost to the letter. The only deviations were the odd days that I didn’t get all my meals in or added an extra ½ tsp of butter (yep butter!)

I was intrigued by the way that each measurement related to a specific body system- some of the measurements were changing rapidly- others slower so then the nutrition, supplementation and training altered after each round of measurements to bring about change in those areas that were shifting slower.

I’ve learned to enjoy weight training, shorter sessions and then the amount of free time it created in my week to only train once per day!

Penny has also taught me about the importance of chemical free cleaning, cooking, food storage, cosmetics and so on- it’s been a process to replace everything but I’ve never felt better or looked better. Plus there’s a certain peace of mind that comes with doing things that you know are good for you!

I recommend Penny to everyone- she’s been an incredible coach who has got me producing results beyond what I had thought possible and certainly beyond any that I have ever achieved before. She’s taught me about how to incorporate what I need into a lifestyle that doesn’t feel like hard work but simple and sustainable- and for that I’m incredibly grateful!”


Breakfast Of Champions


Breakfast: to break the fast. The most important meal of the day. After I posted a Facebook update that my top three ultimate tips for a better body composition for life, there was uproar. Uproar I tell you. Tip two was to eat animal meat for breakfast. Oh dear lord. God forbid. So instead of being the instigator of a social media backlash I decided to write this article and tell you what I recommend for Breakfast and why.

Meat for breakfast

Ok so before you recoil away from my blog with disgust, just stay with me for this paragraph and I will let you make up your mind. When a caveman would wake up what would he eat? He would scavenge for nuts on the floor, berries if they were in season, and kill an animal. He would not pour his low fat skimmed milk onto his toasted muesli. And he would definitely not have cookies and cream flavor protein shake and a bowl of oats. I know you want to believe that is healthy because you enjoy eating it, but I hate to say it, it isn’t.

Lets keep it real people, real and whole, just because you WANT to eat a yummy honey drizzled, banana sliced, oats and yoghurt bowl of delishness, does not mean that it is what your body wants or needs. I’m a hardass I know. You either like me and my beliefs or you do not.

What you eat for breakfast sets up your entire neurotransmitter production for the day. Choose a high protein breakfast of animal protein, low GI vegetables and a small serve of fats as apposed to a higher insulin response breakfast of grains and dairy. This one diet trick alone will see you function better as the day goes on with better mental clarity, increased energy, better appetite control and reduced cravings throughout the day. Fat loss and muscles gains will also be a plus too!

“What about eggs Penny?”

Eggs are a poor choice for breakfast on their own and eaten everyday. Eggs are digested quickly so it is best to back them up with meat. So have bacon and eggs, or steak and eggs. Eggs are also a high allergen so do not have them everyday, I advise a 1-2 times a week.

“What about a protein shake Penny?”

A protein shake is a poor choice for breakfast as protein powder enters and leaves the GI tract faster than solid food, which in turn does not stimulate your metabolism. Solid food also has a thermogenic effect and a shake does not as it is pre-digested.

So how do I make a breakfast of champions?

Using the FREE! Downloadable Groceries List, put your meal together:

Step one:

Choose a meat, poultry or fish source. Portion? Enough.

Step two:

Choose a fat. Portion? Enough, or 1tsp/6-10nuts

Step three:

Choose a green fibrous vegetable. Portion? As much as you like.

Step four:

Eat it like a caveman

“I’m curious, what do YOU eat for breakfast Penny?”

I love breakfast! It is my favourite meal of the day. Some of my Primal Plate staples are:

  • grilled salmon, organic butter and brussel sprouts, or
  • steak, avocado and green beans, or
  • flaxseed crusted chicken, coconut oil and cauliflower mash

So there you have it, my breakfast of champions. Try it for a month and see how you feel!

Yours in Health, Hormones & Happiness



Turkey & Turnip Cowboy Hash



Turnip for me, is potato. It replaces potato in all of my comfort foods but it is on your ‘all you can eat’ veggie list so you can go nuts without the added starch. This recipe came about when I opened the fridge on a Sunday morning and all i saw was a lonely ol’turnip staring back at me. The poor turnip is underrated but paired with turkey and coated in light herbs it is a breakfast fry up delight.


300g turkey breast, sliced

2 medium turnips, peeled and diced

1/2 a red onion, diced

2tsps of fresh thyme

1tbsp fresh parsley, chopped

1 clove of garlic, chopped

1tsp fresh red chilli, chopped

salt and pepper to taste

2tsps coconut oil

Cooking Instructions

Steam turnip until just soft.

Heat coconut oil in fry pan and fry turkey, onion, garlic and chilli until browning.

Add thyme, salt and pepper, and well drained turnips. Keep stirring until slightly crispy(approx 8-10minutes)

Serve sprinkled with parsley.