Are You (COMPLETELY) Happy With How You Look And Feel?

It’s not a rhetorical question, and I genuinely want to know. Because some days I’m not, some days I am and some years I haven’t been.  And my job means that I see people on a daily basis that are the same, we all have bad body days and good body days, whether it means we feel unhealthy, we are unhappy or we look like the worst edition of ourselves.


This is not the body we set out to have, what went wrong?


You are constantly bombarded with images of gorgeous, fit and athletic people.


You are constantly given advice in the media of how to achieve this wonderful pedestal version of yourself. “Just drink some coconut water, smile, take a selfie and you’ll get there,” they say.


If it worked, then why aren’t we all in incredible condition and living our best lives?


You struggle.


Well, you are not alone.


The truth is, your health could be better: you don’t feel alert, you struggle to loose weight, you body doesn’t like the food you eat and you feel rubbish. It doesn’t function optimally and it takes on the burdens of everyday lifestyle, training and nutrition choices, whether they are the right choices for your body or not.


You dislike your body and you don’t know how to change it. Let’s be honest (we’re all friends here) there’s one, on a good day or maybe two, on a bad day, areas we aren’t happy with “I’d just like a flatter stomach” or “I’d be happy if I had toned lean arms”.  You have been striving for a perfected body for too long, enough already!


I’m here to tell you that, that ‘aint good enough. It’s not fair and it shouldn’t be that way. We all deserve to LOOK and FEEL AMAZING!


So today I want you ask yourself, and be honest, are you COMPLETELY happy with how you look and feel?


“And just a little shout out to all the women out there trying to love themselves in a world that is constantly telling us not to.”