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Penny Lomas

  Penny Lomas is a Personal Trainer and Level 2 Biosignature Modulation Practitioner based in Melbourne. With extensive years in the Fitness … read more

To Compete, Or Not Compete. That Is The Question.

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Let me first set the (fitness) scene........   You're fit, you're strong and you're healthy. You're training consistently and you feel stronger than ever lifting your best. You're not run down, your workouts leave you feeling energised and you look smokin' by the way. You're lean enough to be insulin sensitive and your body sucks up carb refeeds and cheat meals like they're water. It's easy to maintain, you're not undernourished or in a extreme calorie deficit. You feel like your on … read more >>

Success Story – Sonja

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I am a busy individual who works as a secondary school teacher, at a school that specializes in the care of  ‘at risk’ and vulnerable youth.  I am also a group fitness instructor and on top of all that, I run my own business, Healthy and Healed, where I am a Practitioner in the modalities of Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Reimprinting and NLP.   Due to all of this I had become run down, couldn’t sleep, was carrying excess weight in areas that it wouldn’t budge; and considered … read more >>

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake With Strawberries And Chocolate Frosting

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This moist chocolate cake is gluten free, dairy free, grain free, sugar free and will keep even the fussiest eaters happy. Great as a sweet treat on the weekends or a great party BYO. Ingredients Cake: 3/4 cups cacao powder 1/3 cup coconut flour 1/2 cup  tapioca flour/starch 1/2 tsp gluten free baking powder 1/2 tsp baking soda 5 large eggs 1 tbsp vanilla bean powder 5 heaped tbsp rice malt syrup OR raw honey 1/4 tsp stevia/optional 3 large … read more >>

9 Reasons To Skip Your Workout….Sometimes.

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9 Reasons To Skip Your Workout... Sometimes. Are you overtraining? When it comes to your workouts, it may pay to do less. In our more-is-better world, it's easy to get caught in the overtraining trap. But when it comes to your workouts, it pays to do less. We're certainly not telling anyone to quit exercising, but your workout schedule should have built-in rest days (and even weeks sometimes!). Not convinced? Here are nine reasons why you shouldn't go to the gym every single day: 1. … read more >>

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