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    You’ve landed onto the website of Penny Lomas, so here is a little copy about the content of her life, consisting of wellness, … read more

Stigma & How It Ruins Lives

I’ll be honest; this is my heaviest blog to date and I have no idea how to approach it, but something in me is yearning to do it. I’m touching on a subject that is wildly opinionated and oh so sensitive. I’m nervous, you’re nervous. Let’s see if I can royally mess it up.   I want to talk about a silent killer. No not the hidden sugar in ketchup, but stigma.   There is always a reason why I write a blog. So let me give you the back-story. I was recently speaking … read more >>

Identity & Being Yourself

Imagine me, one Tuesday afternoon, chilled out to the max, work complete and looking for something to do. Sounds harmless yes? Wrong. I stumbled onto my Instagram page and thought it would be a grand idea to redo my bio. Fast-forward 3 hours later - me, rocking silently in a corner questioning who I am and where I belong in this world not to mention this social media sphere. All I needed to top it off was a dinner party and someone to ask "and what do you do for a living?" *cue full-blown … read more >>

I Don’t Understand Why You’re Single

I have never used my blog as a platform for a rant but today, I must (and it's my blog so I can write whatever the hell I like). "I don't understand why you're single, you're a good looking successful girl"  Read that again. Firstly, let's address how superficial and down right mean that comment is, not to mention how utterly stupid and misinformed you sound. So I'm good looking, right...therefore I must be in a relationship? and what do you say to people that you consider not good looking? … read more >>

12 Ways To Reduce Cortisol & Tummy Fat

Cortisol, along with norepinephrine and epinephrine are our fight or flight response hormones and are produced by our adrenal glands. Each of these stress hormones are released in different ratios depending on the stress you are faced with. The hormone Cortisol can present itself in many ways. Most people think that cortisol is simply being stressed, or feeling stressed emotionally, but there are many more in depth causes to stress. When our cortisol is high it can accumulate body fat around … read more >>

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