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Penny Lomas

  Penny Lomas is an Australian Health and Fitness Writer based in Melbourne. With extensive years in the Fitness Industry, Penny is a … read more

Summer Fruit Pancakes

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With the last weeks of summer swallowing us up, reluctantly pushing us into winter yet again I thought about a recipe that makes the most of those summer fruits: blueberries, strawberries, mangoes, anything you can get your fructose greedy hands on! Now these pancakes are a treat, they are high in sugar(even if it is "good" sugar.....I say with a raised eyebrow) they still contain a good source of protein so you can just add a handful of berries and be done with your macro hit. But if your … read more >>

Top 10 Ways To Be A Better Person!

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Hey All! My gorgeous followers, todays post is a simple one. My top tips on how to be a better person! Enjoy xxx Be Grateful. This is a HUGE pet hate of mine! How many people do you know that whine and complain about their lives? Argh! We live in a country that is prosperous, we have the world of opportunity surrounding us, never before have we been in an era of DREAMS, we can achieve anything, we have gorgeous weather, amazing people, and still we find time to complain about how hard we … read more >>

Raw Strawberry Chocolate Hearts

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With a recent Valentines sneaking up upon me I was forced to drive around Melbourne for 2days trying to find a love heart chocolate mould for my chocoholic boyfriend, apparently around Valentines Day they are all sold out! They turned out to be a hit so it was well worth it. It was our first Valentines together so I had to set the bar for future festivities and really out do myself. Mission accomplished. You don't need moulds of any shape or size for this recipe, you can simply use … read more >>

The Pill & Female Contraception.

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 The Pill & Female Contraception, all you need to know to make an informed decision. By Penny Lomas & Heidi Cummins   For this weeks blog I am addressing an often-questioned subject for females and their hormonal and general health. Contraception. For this week’s blog Health, Hormones and Happiness resident naturopath Heidi Cummins has kindly stepped in for an interview to answer all our queries on the pill and other female contraception options. For those of you that … read more >>

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