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Penny Lomas

  Penny Lomas is a Personal Trainer and Level 2 Biosignature Modulation Practitioner based in Melbourne. With extensive years in the Fitness … read more


Why I wrote The Hormone Connection.   There comes a point in a girl’s life, in a Personal Trainers life, when she either needs to be a sheep, and follow the pack, or she needs to step up and be unique.  She needs to tell the truth, break the rules, stop believing the bull, and take responsibility for peoples knowledge and ultimately their health. That’s me right now! Well not right now, The Hormone Connection has taken me years to write and create for you. But right now is the … read more >>

Rebalancing, Cellulite, And The Metabolism Whisperer

How I help my clients rebalance their hormones through nutrition, herbs, exercise and lifestyle.   I realised my hormones were wild and wonky after my first competition in figure 6 years ago. A sluggish metabolism and a very unhappy Penny eventually pushed me to certify as a Biosignature Modulation Practitioner. I believed there was something more to offer my clients than simply referring them to pharmaceutical providing practitioners. Don’t get me wrong, pharmaceuticals have their … read more >>

I Was Metabolically Messed Up, Are You?

This week’s blog post is awesome. I want to tell you a story. About my journey and me, why? Because I want you to know that I know how you feel. But I also want you to understand what metabolism is and why it plays such a crucial role in your journey. Many, many years ago I was not the picture of good health. Quite the opposite in fact, I was struggling to shift a few kilos, or maybe close to 10. With a damaged and sluggish metabolism I was trying in vain to shift body fat, I was working … read more >>

Eating Less And Moving More

I’ve recently felt an influx in a common problem. Eating less and moving more. Otherwise known as deprivation + over exertion. With the hope of it equaling = more body fat lost.   It doesn’t work.   If anything, it makes the journey worse. Exhausting you and taking away the “joy’ from training and eating for fuel.   I’m going to let you focus on that word for a minute. Fuel.   This means that so many people out there are limiting their food intake … read more >>

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