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Penny Lomas

  Penny Lomas is a Personal Trainer and Level 2 Biosignature Modulation Practitioner based in Melbourne. With extensive years in the Fitness … read more

Success Story – Adele

  After attending the seminar I decided to set myself a few goals to get in the best shape possible for my up and coming 35th birthday which I was heading to Las Vegas for. I wanted to have a fit and healthy body to flaunt at the pool party’s. I also had the seed planted to set a goal to do a photo shoot. I set about my mission with firstly giving up drinking and cleaning up my diet. With my regular resistance weight training sessions and healthy life style I noticed a big change. June … read more >>

11 Top Tips For A Successful Fat Loss Diet

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Lets face it, dieting is not much fun, and its actually hard work too, go figure! So here is your go to tips and tricks guide to following a diet for fat loss.   1. Let’s Talk Calories A generic calorie deficit for fat loss is around 400-500calories per day, this is a ballpark figure, and everyone is very different. But to loose fat you technically need to be in a calorie deficit, meaning if your maintenance calories everyday is 2500, then to loose body fat you would need to … read more >>

Success Story – Natasha

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I first went and saw Penny at a time in my life where I was frustrated with everything, my energy, my body, work and my relationship were dismal.  I had injured my back pretty badly about 10 months earlier and had spent the last 10 months doing clinical Pilates to strengthen my core and get back to a point where I could train (the one thing I enjoy most in this world!).  I’d always been a pretty active person, playing team sports, doing group fitness classes, attending the gym, swimming and … read more >>

12 Ways To Reduce Cortisol & Tummy Fat.

Cortisol, along with norepinephrine and epinephrine are our fight or flight response hormones and are produced by our adrenal glands. Each of these stress hormones are released in different ratios depending on the stress you are faced with. The hormone Cortisol can present itself in many ways. Most people think that cortisol is simply being stressed, or feeling stressed emotionally, but there are many more in depth causes to stress. When our cortisol is high it can accumulate body fat around … read more >>

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